History Of The "Old High School" 1828-1840
by Charles Wells Chapin

mule team to Santa Fé, and along the Rio Grande, thence on the old army trail to Fort Massachusetts to Colorado, induced to take that route from meeting "Kit Carson" one day on the plaza at Santa Fé. Was in Colorado in 1860. During the war of the Rebellion, when in Denver, in 1863 he raised a company which was joined to General Brown's regiment, and was sent by General Evans down the Platte to quiet the Indians; had with them the noted Indian scout "Jim Baker." They Garrisoned old Fort St. Vrain, scouted the country for some time, returned to Denver and disbanded. In 1867 he returned to Cincinnati. He now resides at Riverside, Hamilton Co., Ohio.

        GEORGE COLTON. — At the age of fourteen he entered the drug store of William Sparhawk & Co., opposite Court Square, Springfield. The late Henry Sterns was the silent partner. On the death of Mr. Sparhawk the late Joseph C. Parsons became a partner with Mr. Sterns, the firm being Sterns & Parsons. In a few years Mr. Parsons retired from the business, and it, was sold to the late C. L. Covell and Mr. Goodwin of Hartford, Conn., the firm being Covell & Goodwin. In 1840 Mr. Colton went to Boston, Mass., in the employ of William Brown, druggist. In the autumn of 1843 he took charge of a store at the West End, where he is now located.

        ABIJAH W. CHAPIN. — Was postmaster of Springfield, Mass., from September, 1853, to April, 1861. A director in Massasoit Insurance Company from 1860 to 1866, president of same from 1862 until its close in 1866 (owing to the heavy losses met by the great fire in Portland, Me., July 4, 1866, when, on the 17th same month, the company decided to close up their business). He was a corporator of the Five Cents Savings Bank in 1854, a trustee from 1854 to 1870; vice-president of same from 1863 to 1870 a director of John Hancock National Bank from 1864 to 1876. Was engaged in the insurance business for several years. In April, 1873, he removed to Deerfield, Mass.

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