History Of The "Old High School" 1828-1840
by Charles Wells Chapin

        GEORGE T. BOND. — Went to Illinois in 1839 and engaged in the mercantile business. In a few years he returned to Springfield, Mass., and went into business on the "Hill" with the late Walter H. Bowdoin, under the firm name of Bowdoin & Bond. He was agent and superintendent of the Hampden Paint Company from 1852 to 1873. He died Nov. 17, 1886, aged 69 years, 10 months.

        JAMES P. EASTMAN. — Clerk with H. &l J. Brewer. About the year 1846 he went to New York in the employ of Messrs. Sands, druggists. He died there (N. Y.) in 1848 at the age Of 23.

        WILLIAM E. TRASK. — Was at Amherst College 1835-36, graduated at the University of the City of New York, 1840. Studied at College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York, but did not take a degree or practice. He was at one time a patient at the Hospital for the Insane at Northampton, Mass.; was discharged April, 1879.

        CHARLES STEBBINS, Brooklyn, N. Y. — Went to New York in 1829 as clerk in a grocery house, remaining six years. In 1835 went to Mobile, Ala., where he remained until 1840. From thence he removed to New Orleans, La., where he resided twelve years. After an absence of considerable time he returned, remaining four years, until October, 1861. Was in the city when the rebels fired on Fort Sumter, saw the taking possession of the U. S. mint, treasury, custom house, forts, and other U. S. property. Being a staunch Union man, he was with many other steadfast Union men forced by public opinion to join some military organization, but never was called into active service. He was advised by a prominent Southerner to go North, and he arranged for him in getting a pass from Gen. D. E. Twiggs which took him to the Ohio river.

        WILLIAM W. CHAPMAN. — A cadet at West Point July 1, 1833, to July 1, 1837; second lieutenant Second Artillery, July 1, 1837. Served in the Florida war 1837-38; first

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