History Of The "Old High School" 1828-1840
by Charles Wells Chapin

went to Kansas, took up a tract of land under the homestead act and raised cattle. In a few years sold out and removed to Arkansas. He died in 1881, aged 64.

        BENJAMIN K. BLISS. — In 1834 went into a drug store in Boston, remaining until 1842, when he returned to Springfield and formed a copartnership with the late Theodore Bliss and Edmund D. Chapin, under the firm of Bliss, Chapin & Co., engaging in the drug and grocery business. At the death of the senior partner, in 1845, he opened a drug store on his own account, also a seed and nursery business, which he carried on until 1865, when he disposed of the drug department, continuing the other branch of his business until 1867, then sold out and established himself in New York in company with his sons, firm of B. K. Bliss & Sons, and continued the business until 1885. He now resides at East Bridgewater, Mass. He was a trustee in the Five Cents Savings Bank, Springfield, Mass., and a director in Pynchon National Bank.

        DANIEL PYNCHON. — Went South, was a merchant in Albany, Ga., previous to the war of the Rebellion. Returning to Springfield, Mass., he engaged in the grocery business with the late David K. Lee, for several years, and afterwards with Albert M. Day. He was a director in the Pynchon National Bank and a trustee in the Five Cents Savings Bank. His sad death ogcurred June 13, 1871, at the age of 54 years.

        WILLIAM DICKINSON, Springfield, Mass. — Commenced work at the U. S. Armory December, 1843, was assistant inspector December, 1848. He was foreman and employed at the Armory from January, 1850, to June, 1854. He afterwards was foreman at the Windsor rifle factory, Windsor, Vt. He died very suddenly while walking in the street, falling dead on the 18th of September, 1863, at the age Of 43.

        EDWARD R. MAY. — Graduated at Yale College in 1838. A lawyer. Resided at Norwich, Conn.; Angola, Ind.; and St. Paul, Minn. He died Aug. 2, 1854, aged 35.

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