History Of The "Old High School" 1828-1840
by Charles Wells Chapin

        CHARLES R. BUNKER. — Went to sea, made two voyages to Europe. Afterwards learned the machinist trade; was employed by Smith & Wesson for many years, by Colt's Arms Co., Hartford, Conn., four years, and by the Wheeler & Wilson Sewing Machine Company, Watertown, Conn., two years. Is now employed at the United States Armory.

        ALBERT D. BRIGGS, Springfield, Mass. — Began business as a civil engineer; in 1839 was engaged under Major Whistler in the construction of the Western Railroad (now the Boston & Albany). He also assisted in the building of the Connecticut River Railroad; was engaged with the late D. L. Harris in bridge building, and with John R. Smith, in 1870, was appointed railroad commissioner for Massachusetts; was elected an alderman in 1864 from Ward Three, mayor of this city in 1865-67; was a member of the commission that constructed the Springfield water works, a director in the Third National Bank and the Fire and Marine Insurance Company. He died Feb. 20, 1881, aged 61.

        JAMES D. BREWER, Springfield, Mass. — In 1834 was clerk for Whitney & Stoddard, Northampton, Mass.; in 1837 was a clerk in a store in Columbus, Ohio, and from thence in New York city. He engaged in the hardware business in this city in 1839, and continued it until 1872. He was chief engineer of the fire department in 1853, director of the Agawam Canal Company, director and president of the Chicopee National Bank, director and treasurer of the Springfield Gas Light Company. He died Feb 7, 1886 aged 66 years 9 months.

        GEORGE G. CADWELL, Springfield, Mass. — For twenty years the leading merchant tailor. Was at one time a partner with the late Henry Fuller, Jr. He died April 4, 1865, aged 42.

        WILLIAM STEBBINS. — Went to New York about 1840, engaged in the jewelry business; returned to Springfield, Mass., about 1866, where he died Nov. 14, 1876, aged 56.

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