Springfield High School, 1904

Track Teacm, 1904

Track Team

Eighth Annual Field Day
Training School Grounds, May 14, 1904

Although only one record was broken at this meet, the first try-out of the year, it showed that this year's track team is up to the standards of other years and may be expected to make a good bid for first place in the Wesleyan and the Amherst meets, both of which Springfield won last year.

Captain Taylor, '04, won the greatest number of points, obtaining in all twenty-one. Coe and Flynt were next with seventeen and fifteen points respectively Hawkins won the mile run and in almost record time, with Allen and Ladd, in the order named, close behind him. Taylor did the first half and the quarter in excellent time and finished a good first in both events. He also won first in the high jump and pole vault, nearly making a new record in the latter event. Coe established a new record in the hammer throw, setting the figures at 114 ft. 2 in. He also made a creditable performance in the shot put, sending the weight 40 ft. 1 1-2 in. Flynt was the leader in the dashes, but he was pressed hard by Ruxton. Stock was easily the best in the hurdles although he fell in the low ones and had to be content with second place.

The Summary

100-Yard Dash—Won by Flynt, '04; Ruxton, '04, 2nd; Kingsley, '07, 3rd. Time, 10 4-5 sec.
220-Yard Dash—Won by Flynt, '04; Ruxton, '04, 2nd; Kingsley, '07, 3rd. Time, 24 3-5 sec.
440-Yard Dash—Won by Taylor, '04; Stone, '04, 2nd; Bidwell, '05, 3rd. Time 54 4-5 sec.
Mile Run—Won by Taylor, '04, Allen, '04, 2nd; Rhodes, '06, 3rd. Time 2 min. 14 1-5 sec.
120-Yard Hurdle—Won by Stock, '05; Tifft, '05, 2nd; Besse, '05, 3rd. Time, 17 2-5 sec.
220-Yard Hurdle—Won by Flynt. '04; Stock, '05, 2nd; Besse, '05, 3rd. Time, 30 sec.
Running High Jump—Won by Taylor, '04; Wells, '06, and Kingsbury, '07, tied for second. Height, 5 ft. 1 in.
Running Broad Jump—Won by Stock, '05; Tifft, '05; and Coe, 3rd. Distance, 20 ft. 9 on.
Putting 12-Pound Shot—Won by Coe; Hunn, '04, 2nd; Taylor, '04, 3rd. Distance, 40 ft. 2 1-2 in.
Throwing 12-Pound Hammer—Won by Hunn, '04; Coe, 2nd; Elsey, '04, 3rd. Distance, 91 ft.
Pole Vault—Won by Taylor, '04; Coe, 2nd; Tifft, '05, 3rd. Height, 9 ft. 1 in.

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