Springfield High School, 1904

Recorder Staff

The Recorder

Volume Seventeen

Board of Editors

Arthur K. Mitchell, '05

Associate Editor
Harold G. Blodgett, '04

Local Editor
William H. Wright, '05

Exchange Editor
Donald M. Baker, '05

Athletic Editor
Wendell G. Broadhurst, '05

Business Manager
A. Raymond Robertson

Assistant Business Managers
H. Addison Bidwell, '05
Henry C. Edgerton, '05

M.A.B.S. Business Manager
Malcolm U. Arthur, '05

Class Contributors

George C. Elsey, '04
Percy A. MacDiarmid, '06
Josephine E. Smith, '05
Guerdon N. Messer, '06

M.A.B.S. Contributer

James A. Clark

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