The 1916 Oriole

The Pro et Con

The Pro et Con


Carolyn Richards
Ethel Parsons
Miriam Leck
Ruth Hartenstein
Faculty Advisors
Clifton O. Page
David C. Greenaway


Gertrude Branaski
Dorothy Barker
Hilda Bartels
Grace Beaudry
Anna Berg
Anna Brown
Grace Bugbee
Kathryn Donovan
Dorothy Eichenberg
Pauline Ewig
Helen Finlay
Isabel Frazier
Theresa Haley
Adelaide Hayes
Viola Jasper
Marjorie Johnson
Esther Johnson
Elizabeth King
Nellie Leete
Winifred Malone
Rhoda May
Pauline Maynard
Eileen Ostigny
Gertrude Pratt
Carla Pressl
Anna Ritter
Lillian Riner
Doris Rowland
Ruth Rowley
Dorothy Schlesinger
Florence Short
Ethel Spear
Marion Spencer
Dorothy Stibbs
Mildred Thompson
Helen Vail
Bernice Warner

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