The 1916 Oriole

The Agora

The Agora


Thaddeus J. Brusnicki
Paul G. Tarbox
James B. Rogers
Joseph G. Moffett
Executive Committee
Philip I. Burack
Gerald M. Dwyer
Faculty Advisors
Miss Mary A. Weaver
Clifton O. Page


Douglass Bliss
Clyde T. Congdon
William F. Cullinan
Edmund F. Curtin
Cecil F. Frye
Whitney Gardner
Paul B. Hartenstein
Wheeler King
William F. Lacouline
Elliot Lasker
Edwin Leonard
Fred McGuire
Ambrose McNulty
Chamberlain A. Page
Ephraim G. Port
Lewis C. Richardson
William O. Sawn
Raymond P. Seaver
Isidore A. Siegel
William Woodward

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