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The "Tech" Times

The Tech Times

Editor-in-Chief, William H. Walsh
Business Manager, Daniel T. McCarthy
Assistant Business Manager, Carolyn Richards (resigned), Anna Berg
Local Editor, William J. Crawford (resigned), Amico J. Barone
Assistant Local Editor, Joseph F. Scanlon
Athletic Editor, Leonard Donovan
Alumni Editor, Thomas B. Gleason
Space Editor, Howard Hubbard
Faculty Advisors, Miss M. A. Weaver, C. O. Page

"Efficiency First"

The staff of the "Tech" Times wishes to extend its hearty appreciation to those who so willingly supported it in its effort to make the Times a firm institution i the past year. The foundation has been laid, and now with the energetic co-operation of the student body the paper should become a distinctive and sturdy pillar of the school.

As it is perhaps known, the policy of the Times is to publish the school news, and in a sense might be compared to the ordinary newspaper. The daily newspaper publishes news pertaining to the world in general. We, here in "Tech," are a little world by ourselves, and it was to publish the news of this little world that the paper was founded. It cannot be compared to the Recorder for the reason that the Times is essentially a newspaper, whereas the Recorder is a literary magazine.

It is planned to continue the policy of having special issues. The girls must be commended on the good work which they accomplished with the Girls' Issue. The staff for that issue was made up entirely of girls, and they produced a paper which had a larger sale than any issue which was put forth by the regular staff.

In summing up it might be said that there need be no fear as to the future of the "Tech" Times if every true "Techite" will strive that the paper may not only live, but may grow to be a necessary element in our school life.

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