The 1916 Oriole

The "Tech" Recorder Staff


Editor-in-Chief, Clifford P. Thompson, '16 (resigned), Carl F. Graves, '16
Business Manager, Arthur H. Radasch, '16
Literary Editor, Amelia Reed, '16
Local Editor, J. Graham Reid, '16
Athletic Editor, Ralph C. Allen, '16
Exchange Editor, Esther S. Lyman, '16
Faculty Advisor, Clifton O. Page

Another very successful year for the Recorder has just come to a close. The students of the three high schools have responded in an admirable manner to the call, and by their willingness to support, not only by their generous contributions, but by subscription as well, have made it possible for the staff to bring forth a magazine which would be as intended, — a publication devoted to the interests of all, not only at the schools, but about the city as well. During the past season, the usual nine issues, three by Central, three by Commerce, and three by "Tech," have been published. Each school has made it a point to make each following issue which it puts out, as much better as possible than the preceding one. In order to do this, departments were changed and bettered where required, longer and varied stories were added, and material of interest to the pupils of all three high schools was carefully selected, in preference to that which would interest only a few.

The business end of the Recorder has met also with success. This was brought about byt the large number of merchants about the city who ran their advertisements in the publication, and also by the unusually big sales of the Recorder to the student body. In several cases, the demand has been so great that additional copies have had to be procured.

The staff wishes to take this opportunity to extend to all the students of the Springfield high schools its heartiest thanks for their generous support in bringing about this successful year.

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