Russell — Burial-Places

Extracted from "History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts, Volume II," by Louis H. Everts, 1879.

      The village of Russell contains a trimly-kept and handsomely-embellished burying-ground, but the early tombstones are few in number, and those do not date beyond 1794. More ancient graves there probably are, but their location is unknown. Of the old tombstones, reference is made here to that of Maj. Ebenezer Whiting, who died in 1794; Mary, "amiable consort of Deacon Titus Doolittle," who died in 1798; Reuben Parks, 1803; Lowell Thomas, 1811; Jane, his wife, 1803; Hager Warner, 1813; John Dickinson, in 1830, aged ninety-three; Dorothy, his wife, 1815; Titus Doolittle, 1818; and Jonah Mallory, in 1816.
      Another burial-place is found near the centre of the town, at Russell Pond, and here it is likely the first interments were made in the town. Except, however, a tombstone recording the death of a daughter of Jacob and Thankful Loomis, in 1793, none of earlier date than 1802 are found. In that year Mehitable Hazard was buried; Enoch Stiles, in 1805; Matilda Williams, in the same year; Juanna Williams, in 1804, aged seventy-three; and Bethiah Ward, in 1812.

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