Montgomery — Selectmen

Extracted from "History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts, Volume II," by Louis H. Everts, 1879.

      The first town-meeting for the election of officers was held at the house of Zadock Bosworth, Dec. 14, 1780. Between that year and the present (1879) the following persons have served the town as selectmen and town clerks:

1780.—Oliver Clark, Abial Squier, Elijah Pitcher.
1781.—Abial Squier, Elijah Pitcher, John French.
1782.—Abial Squier, Jacob Fellows, Nathaniel Wattles.
1783.—Aaron Parks, Sylvester Squier, Daniel Barret.
1784.—Richard Falley, Sylvester Sgnier, Aaron Parks.
1785.—Isaac Wibarn, Daniel Barret, Amos Maynard.
1786.—Jacob Andrus, Martin Root, Trueman Mallory.
1787.—Edward Taylor, Sylvester Squier, Amos Maynard.
1788.—Aaron Parks, Noble Squier, David Crow.
1789.—Isaac Palmer, Jr., Noble Squier, James Clark.
1790.—Isaac Palmer, Jr., Amos Maynard, Samuel Wright, Jr.
1791.—Isaac Chapman, Abner Rice, Jr., Noble Squier.
1792.—Daniel Barret, Edward Taylor, Aaron Parks.
1793.—Jonathan Henick, Noble Squier, Gardner Squier.
1794.—Edward Taylor, Daniel Barret, Amos Maynard.
1795.—Edward Taylor, Sylvester Squier, Levi Adams.
1796.—Sylvester Squier, Isaac Chapman, Martin Root.
1797.—Edward Taylor, Aaron Parke, Levi Adams.
1798.—Edward Taylor, Amos Maynard, Daniel Barret.
1799.—Aaron Parks, Elisha Hutchinson, Sylvester Squier.
1800.—Sylvester Squier, Zadock Bosworth, Daniel Barret.
1801.—Aaron Parks, Amos Maynard, Daniel Barret.
1802-3.—Edward Taylor, Aaron Parke, Daniel Barret.
1804.—Aaron Parks, Richard Falley, Sylvester Squier.
1803.—Samuel Avery, Richard Falley, Sylvester Squier.
1806-8.—Aaron Parks, Sylvester Spitler, Samuel Avery.
1800.—Aaron Parks, Sylvester Squier, David R. Cooley.
1810-11.—Aaron Parks, Sylvester Squier, James Wright.
1812.—Aaron Parks, Jos. Green, James L. Adair.
1813.—Aaron Parks, Trueman Mallory, Abner Chapman.
1814.—Edward Taylor, Moses Hatch, David Crowley.
1815-17.—Edward Taylor, Aaron Parks, Moses Hatch.
1818.—Moses Hatch, Aaron Parks, Gamaliel King.
1819.—Edward Taylor, John Crow, Orrin Parks.
1820.—Wm. Crow, Edward Taylor, Orrin Parks.
1821.—Edward Taylor, On in Parks, Pliny Moore.
1822.—Moses Parks, Flavius Moore, Wm. Crow.
1823.—Edward Taylor, Pliny Moore, Orrin Parks.
1824.—Edward Taylor, Orrin Parks, John Crow.
1825-26.—Moses Parks, John Crow, Orrin Parks.
1827-28.—Edward Taylor, Orrin Parks, Lucius Wright.
1829.—Edward Taylor, Moses Parks, Orrin Parks.
1830-31.—Orrin Parks, John Crow, Ransom Clark.
1832.—Edward Taylor, Moses Parks, Orrin Parks.
1833.—Edward Taylor, Moses Parks, Wm. Squier.
1834 -Orrin Parks, Win. Squier, John Camp.
1835.—Edward Taylor, Orrin Parks, John Camp.
1836.—Orrin Parks, Noah Sheldon, Elisha Avery.
1837-38.—Orrin Parks, Ransom Clark, Nathan Hutchinson.
1839.—Moses Parks, Elisha Avery, Wm. Squier.
1840.—Orrin Parks, Wm. Squier, Sheldon Brownson.
1841.—Moss Parks, Noah Sheldon, Nathan Hutchinson.
1842.—Orrin Parks, Isaac Brianson, Wm. Squier.
1843.—Ransom Clark, Wm. Squier, Elisha P. Parks.
1844.—Ransom Clark, E. P. Parks, Norman Chapman.
1845.—Ransom Clark, Sheldon Brownson, Edward Taylor.
1846-47.—Elisha Avery, Wm. Squier, Aaron P. Parks.
1848.—Amos W. Wheeler, Ransom Clark, Norman Chapman.
1849.—A. P. Parks, Ransom Clark, Hiram Bartholomew.
1850.—Wm. Squier, Elisha P. Parks, N. P. Bartholomew.
1851.—E. P. Parks, Holley Clark, N. P. Bartholomew.
1852.—Edward M. Taylor, Aaron P. Parks, S. Moore.
1853.—Wm. Sgnier, Isaac Brownson, Zenas Clark.
1854.—Wm. Squier, L. T. Allyn, Nelson Clarke.
1855.—Wm. Squier, L. T. Allyn, A. A. Moore.
1856.—A. A. Moore, Nathan Hutchinson, B. H. Kagwin.
1857.—Wm. Squier, Holley Clark, A. A. Moore.
1858.—Aaron P. Parks, L. T. Allyn, Henry S. Stiles.
1859.—Wm. Squier, Chelsea Upson, Francis W. Clark.
1860.—A. A. Moore, John Hutchinson, Chelsea Upson.
1861.—A. A. Moore, Henry S. Stiles, Horace F. Moore.
1862.—Wm. Squier, A. P. Parks, Gilbert Squier.
1863.—Wm. Squier, A. A. Moore, Orlando Waxtell.
1864.—Edwin S. Snow, Horace F. Moore, R. W. Clark.
1865.—Aaron P. Parks, R. W. Clark, Horace F. Moore.
1866-67.—A. A. Moore, H. K. Axtell, O. A. Moore.
1868.—R. W. Clark, Wm. Squier, Lewis T. Allyn.
1869.—R. W. Clark, H. S. Stiles, Chelsea Upson.
1870.—R. W. Clark, H. S. Stiles, Ransom E. Clark.
1871.—E. W. Pettis, R. W. Clark, Ransom E. Clark.
1872.—R. E. Clark, H. S. Stiles, Wm. H. Avery.
1873.—R. E. Clark, L. T. Allyn, Ezra Wright.
1874-75.—R. E. Clark, H. S. Stiles, Chelsea Upson.
1876.—L. T. Allyn, F. W. Clark, A. A. Moore.
1877.—R. W. Clark, H. S, Stiles, G. L. Moore.
1878.—L. T. Allyn, F. W. Clark, H. F. Moore.

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