Weird New England

Monson, Massachusetts

The Monson National Bank

Bank Block, Monson, MA

Bank Block, Monson, MA

The Monson National Bank was incorporated March 28, 1854, with a capital of $150,000. Austin Fuller, Albert Norcross, and William N. Flynt were the original incorporators. It was originally a State bank, but was reorganized as a national bank Aug. 25, 1864, being the first bank in the county east of Springfield to make the change. The first president of the bank was William N. Flynt, and Jonathan R. Flynt was the first cashier. On Oct. 3, 1859, Jonathan R. Flynt was elected president, and E. C. Robinson cashier. Mr. Flynt died July 31, 1860, and John Wyles was chosen president on November 7th of that year. In 1864, Edward F. Morris was chosen cashier, and is still serving in that capacity. Cyrus W. Holmes, the present president, was elected to that office Jan. 14, 1871. Rice M. Reynolds was chosen vice-president Jan. 15, 1876, and is still filling that office. The present directors of the bank are Cyrus W. Holmes, Charles H. Merrick, Joshua Tracy, Edward F. Morris, Rice S. Munn, Rice M. Reynolds, and Alfred Norcross.

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