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Monson, Massachusetts

Monson Academy — Benefactions and Endowments

The funds of the academy have always been limited and insufficient for the wants of the institution. Its great strength has been in the zeal and sympathy of devoted trustees and teachers, and the patronage of its alumni, joined with the good-will and prayers of its friends.

The whole amount of benefactions from all sources is not far from $50,000. With the exception of the original State endowment, estimated at $10,000, nearly all the funds have been subscribed by citizens of Monson. Joel Norcross, Esq., in various sums, $7250; Deacon Andrew Porter, $3200; Rufus Flynt, $2250, Rev. J. Merrick, $2000, fot the Persian scholarship. In 1863, $10,000 was raised for the repair and enlargement of the buildings, and $10,000 as an addition to the general fund, mostly by citizens of the town.

The buildings of the institution are the academy structure, situated in a pleasant grove, and the chemical laboratory, erected in 1825, and furnished with a chemical apparatus. The academy was extensively enlarged and repaired in 1863.

The income from productive funds is about $2000; from tuitions, $2300. Value of real estate, $20,000; of productive funds, $25,500; of libraries and apparatus, $5000. Total assets, $50,500.

The course of study is that usually pursued in New England academies. In the classical department, under the charge of the principal, students are prepared for the New England colleges. In the English department, with a male male and female assistant, the common and higher English branches are taught.

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