Brimfield, The Collector's Paradise

Monson, Massachusetts

Monson Academy — Patronage and Pupils

The academy has been from the first a mixed school, the proportions of the sexes having been, until recently, about two gentlemen to one lady, and about two-thirds of the patronage has come from non-residents.

The whole number of students connected with it since the original opening, as near as can be ascertained, has been not far from 7000. Of these, between 450 and 500 have entered college, and many have united with the professions without other preparation than that obtained at the academy. More than 200 have become ministers of the gospel.

Among the alumni may be mentioned Hon. Henry L. Barnard, LL.D., late United States Commissioner of Education; Prof. W. A. Lamed, late professor at Yale College; Rev. James L. Merrick, missionary to Persia; David B. Coe, D.D., secretary of the American Home Missionary Society; Richard S. Storrs, D.D., of Brooklyn, N. Y.; George H. Gould, D.D.; Hon. Yung Wing, LL.D., of the Chinese Embassy; Rev. Samuel Curtis, professor of theology in Chicago Seminary. Two have been presidents and 4 professors in colleges; 11 have been tutors at Yale College and 4 at Amherst; 1 a judge of the Supreme Court of the United States; 1 a judge of the Supreme Court of Massachusetts, and 3 have been members of Congress.

But no list of eminent men, were they three times as numerous, and far more distinguished, could represent fully the great benefits conferred on the students of Monson Academy in elevating and improving their character, and preparing them for the better discharge of the various duties of life.

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