Encyclopedia of New England

Monson, Massachusetts

Post Office

A post-office exists in the village, and was established about 1821. Capt. Rufus Flynt was the first postmaster, and the mail was carried to Palmer Centre on horseback. The office has been since filled by Edwin Norcross, Timothy Packard, Foster Pepper, Lucius Truesdell, Joshua Tracy, Elmer B. Miles, Daniel G. Potter, Edwin E. Towne, and Rice S. Munn, the present incumbent.

About two and one-half miles from the village, in the northeast part of the town, lies the poor-farm. It comprises about 300 acres of land, with excellent farm-buildings, and was purchased with the surplus revenue fund distributed to the various towns during the administration of Martin Van Buren. It is sustained by the town, and the number of paupers in charge of the institution averages 15.

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