Encyclopedia of New England

Monson, Massachusetts


There are two hotels in the village. The Cushman House was erected by Leonard G. Cushman about 1871, and has been kept continuously by him since. It is situated near the centre of the village, on the west side of the street.

Green's Hotel is situated near the depot, in the northern part of the village, and is the natural descendant of the old Norcross Hotel referred to in the chapter on settlement. After Amos Norcross, it was kept by Lucius E. Truesdell. It was then kept by the advocates of the temperance cause for a long time; then in turn by Amasa King and Parks & Thayer. It came into the possession of Daniel G. Green, the present proprietor, in 1872, who at first leased it to different parties, but for over a year past has kept it himself.

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