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I'm a western MA (Holyoke) expat now living in New York City. This site contains interesting reproductions of text and images about subjects and places I love: history and genealogy of Western MA, Manhattan, Brooklyn and the UK.

April 03, 2020

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Apologies about the down time — I returned home on 17 Dec from a one-week vacation to learn all sites were down. Our hosting company had decided to abandon the business without warning.

The owner of that hosting service apparently has not only double- and triple-billed people but also left a lot of clients hanging because all site data is inaccessible. Other customers have lost everything and there is some speculation the owner is now in the process of launching a new hosting service! While fortunately I keep good backups, it has still taken this long to move all my domains and upload sites to a host who has been around awhile and who we expect to offer stability. So, if you see the name Javier Vidueira associated with any web hosting service, look elsewhere. Trust me on this.

Please bear with me if you notice some minor problems — they are being fixed.

Thank you for your patience — and Happy New Year to each one of you!

New — Historic Profile of Monson, MA

Historic profile of Monson, extracted from Volume II of History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts, by Louis H. Everts, 1879. Topics include geographical, natural features, early settlement, military, list of selectmen and town clerks, churches, schools, burial-places, industries, Monson's military record in the Rebellion.

Notes Concerning Nicholas Worthington

Notes Concerning Nicholas Worthington and certain of his descendants, Hatfield, MA. Self-published in Paris, 1888, by Nicholas-Lewis Worthingon, this 54 page booklet has the descendants of Nicholas Worthington of England who died in Hatfield about 1683. Many of his descendants lived their life in Agawam.

The Old Granville & the New

If you have early ancestors in Granville that suddenly seemed to disappear, this twenty-one page 1899 article from New England Magazine might be of interest to you. Entitled The Old Granville and the New written By Francis Wayland Shepardson, describes a large migration from Granville, Massachusetts to Granville, Ohio about 1805.

Springfield, Massachusetts.

Written in 1894 by Clarence E. Blake, Ph.D., Concise (twenty-five page) history of the city of Springfield, Massachusetts. Originally published in New England Magazine—nicely illustrated.

A Record of Marriages, Births and Deaths in Westfield, Massachusetts prior to the year 1700.

A Record of Marriages, Births and Deaths in Westfield, Massachusetts prior to the year 1700—Communicated by the Rev. Emerson Davis of that town. Corresponding Member of the New England Historic Genealogical Society. From the New England Historical & Genealogical Register, Volume VI, July 1852, pages 265-271.

History of the "Old High School" on School Street From 1828 to 1840

History of the "Old High School" on School Street From 1828 to 1840 & History of the Seminary, On Maple Street, Established in 1832. Written in 1890 by Charles Wells Chapin, Very nice discussion of old school days, as well as biographical sketches for some 400 students (and teachers) from these schools. While some of the biographical data is minimal, this still provides some clues on earlier Springfield scholars, including the spouses for many of the female seminary students. Time span for this resource focuses on high school aged students from 1832-1843, dates of birth likely spanning the years 1815-26.

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