Tolland's War Record

Extracted from "History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts, Volume II," by Louis H. Everts, 1879.

      Tolland was not in sympathy with the declaration of war against Great Britain in 1812, and sent Eleazer Slocomb as a delegate to the anti-war convention at Northampton.
      For the war of the Rebellion the town furnished soldiers as follows:

L. Vaill Virgil, 27th Mass.
Banker Henry, 27th Mass.
John W. Moore, 27th Mass.
Charles H. Pratt, 27th Mass.
Lafayette Babb, 27th Mass.
M. W. Chatfield, 27th Mass.
Michael Horrigan, 27th Mass.
Luther P. Vaill, 27th Mass.
John F. Webber, 27th Mass.
George M. Hale, 27th Mass.
Lyman Marshall, 27th Mass.
William C. Soule, 27th Mass.
G. A. Wright, 27th Mass.
George Frost, 27th Mass.
Leonard Frost, 27th Mass.
H. W. Soule, 34th Mass.
F. C. Hays, 34th Mass.
D. W. Stow, 46th Mass.
Charles H. Vaill, 46th Mass.
Nelson Harger, 46th Mass.
Joseph Miller, 46th Mass.
Henry Munn, 46th Mass.
L. M. Munn, 46th Mass.
Thomas Hays, 34th Mass.
Seymour Howe, 46th Mass.
Mozart Perry, 46th Mass.
Robert Harvey, 46th Mass.
Giles Spring, 49th Mass.
Thomas Butler, 2d Cav.
James Webb, 2d Cav.
D. A. Wallace, 2d Cav.
Nicholas Lee, 2d Cav.
A. H. Ashley, 2d Cav.
George H. Lewis, 27th Mass.
Frank Hibbert, 27th Mass.
F. T. Douglass, 4th Mich.
E. W. Evans, 4th Mich.
Hugh Dolan, 2d H. Art.
G. H. McLellan, 2d H. Art.
M. E. Perry, 27th Mass.

Of the above, twelve lost their lives in the service.

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