Tolland — Burial-Places

Extracted from "History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts, Volume II," by Louis H. Everts, 1879.

      There are three public graveyards in the town, but only one of them—located about a mile east of Tolland Centre—lays any claim to early origin. It is, moreover, grossly neglected, and within its limits there are scarcely a dozen erect headstones. The rest are either broken or fallen to the earth, while rank weeds overrunning the inclosure make it an unsightly spot. There are many old stones whose inscriptions have been utterly effaced by time. Of others, inscriptions have been transcribed as follows:
      Jesse, son of Recompense Miller, died in 1777; Joseph Whitney, 1783, aged sixty-nine; Lucy, wife of Peter Miller, 1776; Abraham, Jr., son of Abraham Granger, 1789; Alexander, son of the same, 1798; Hannah, wife of Elezer Slocum, 1798; Rebecca, wife of Thomas Hamilton, 1801; Titus Fowler, 1827, aged eighty-eight; Sarah, wife of George Bidwell, 1801; Allen, son of Isaac Allen, 1804; Henry Hamilton, 1817, aged seventy-four.

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