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around the school
       This is one of the classier type of cars in which Tech students ride to school. The man behind the wheel is Howard Bozenhard, our hard hitting left tackle. Although Bozy doesn't own the car he sure does act it. Perched on the collapsible top (accent on collapse) is Phil Bartlett a more or less permanent fixture, at Tech. Sh! Sh! This is a secret. Phil expects to graduate before the entering freshmen. Getting back to cars, however, one must admit that all the cars in Tech's backyard aren't Fords though they do predominate.

       Bring On the brass band. Before you stand two exalted seniors. The one with the big laugh and a pair of specs is none other than our infallible friend Harold Mosedale. Why Harold was so good that they even asked him to try his hand at teaching. One dark and dismal day he was sent out to Myrtle Street School to educate the younger generation in the art of hitting the nail on the head. Unfortunately the report leaked out that Harold spent the whole day matching pennies with his prospective pupils. This killed Harold's chance of getting a state-wide contract for teaching manual training. Dick Blair, the other notable, is reputed to be something of a beauty. The tension of his correctly manicured hand is caused by great mental agitation which in turn is caused by the pencil behind his ear.

       Just another ford-carrying its normal capacity. If you have ever ridden in one of these underslungs you would have felt that they lack all the comforts of home. It is said that Tech's boy inventor, invented a contrivance to make riding easier, from the inspiration received while riding around in his underslung. These cars certainly lend themselves to artistic effects. The one in the picture was decorated with green ribbons from stern to bow on St. Pat- rick's Day. The most prominent color scheme, however, is the orange and black of Tech. As for horns, why these cars carry anything from steamboat whistles to hand sirens.

       Haw! Haw! He! He! I'd like to know what Baldy Falt is laughing at. I'll bet Shorty Sprague has been around lately. Baldy Falt has the honor and privilege of having the biggest laugh in the class of '29 1/2. Every time a roar is heard throughout Tech everyone immediately thinks of Baldy Falt or of Mr. Kiley exploding soap bubbles. Baldy's laugh was the bane of many a teacher. Where Ted got the nickname "Baldy" is a conjecture. Ted's head is covered by a lusty growth of hair making, it probable that the nickname came from his laugh. I don't mean that his laugh was bare, but that it was undisguised.

       What's the picture of a factory doing in our year book ? No, it isn't a factory as some observing boy scout will tell you. (Page John Westfall). It's the old boiler house along side of which you can see the parked cars of many teachers. They say that a lot of the heat from the boiler room escapes and makes it possible to park a car without alcohol in midwinter. This "propolition" is so attractive to the teachers that they often park their cars three deep around the building. The teachers, also, had this place set aside for their Packards, Cords, etc., because they did not like the idea of having their cars associate with the Fords, and Chevies of the students.

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