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Technical High School, Springfield MA

Girls' Soccer Team

Girls' Soccer Team

The Girls' Soccer Team deserves as much praise as the boys' team. In their series with Central and Commerce they won both games by scores of 4-0 and 2-1. The outstanding players were Alice Herter, Peggy Kunitz and E. Johnson. The first team received block T's and the second team old English T's.

Coach, Miss McKoan

First Team

E. Bongiovanni, Captain
A. Herter
B. Neylon
I. Sargent
M. Johnson
N. Holt
E. Johnson
A. Wood
N. Morgan
P. Kunitz
P. Gleason
B. Graft
M. Bissaillon
C. Miller
Second Team

K. Murphy, Captain
M. Neylon
E. Graichen
J. Mahan
K. La Pointe
M. Lynch
D. Reichert
L. Nichols
E. Bower
O. Urbanswhicz
P. Banister
W. Dawes

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