Tech Tiger

Technical High School, Springfield MA



As usual the Tech hockey team enjoyed a spendid season and for the first time ulled through a stiff schedule without a defeat. The boys eliminated all the teams in the city for an interschool championship and took into camp outsiders. This supremacy is proved by the fact that three of the Tech players earned a place in the all-city team, the players being Captain Ken Malstrom, Nelson and Hammond.

Coach, "Chief" Walmer
Captain, Ken Malstron
Manager, W. Foster

Players 1st Team

Kenneth Malstrom
Charles Hammond
Newton Sherley
Henry Sherman
Everett Nelson
Ralph Hartwell
Harry Samble
Clayton Adams
Robert Rogers
"Dutch" Robbins
George Trudeau
Frank McCarty
Robert Dana
Francis Tilton
Robert Mccullough
Geroge Lafferty
Harold Davenport
William Foster, Mgr.

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