Tech Tiger

Technical High School, Springfield MA



"Chief" Walmer had over one hundred candidated from which to pick his squad. Although Tech did not have a championsip team, it defeated the defending champ, Commerce, by an 18-0 score. Roger Roberts, captain, and Eddie Wallinius played brilliantly throughout the season and earned a place in the Union-Republican all-city team.

"Chief" has a veteran squad left and his hopes are high for the 1930 season.

Coach, "Chief" Walmer
Captain, Roger Roberts

James Poole
Howard Pierson

Assistant Managers
William Accorsi
Ernest Fox
Austin Johnson
Leonard Matthew

First Team

Howard Bozenhard
Robert Schirch
Tullio Francesconi
Eugene Sherburne
Henry Rosenbloom
Clifford Webb
William Lawler
Carl Jorgensen
Austin Cavanaugh
Robert McCullough

Joseph Veranka
George Jones
Raymond King
Edward Wallinius
William Fitzpatric
John Thayer
Charles Loizzo
Henry Frisbie
Alvin Soloman
William Moge
Second Team

William Arnold
Thomas Clancy
William Coley
Charles Humphrey
James McDermott
Leatir Munsell
Lincoln Gifford

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