Tech Tiger

Technical High School, Springfield MA

Rifle Club

Rifle Club

This organization meets for practice twice a week in the engine laboratory near the forge shop. The club develops clean sportsmanship and good shooters. The shooting of the club has been remarkable, for one of the members, Charles F. Roberts, has obtained an Expert Rifleman's Medal.

Financial Manager, Charles F. Roberts
Faculty Adviser, Mr. Paul Marsh


Oscar Anderson
Martin Arslanian
Meigs Bartmess
Leonard Bell
Elmer Bjorkland
Louis Blaisdell
Prestly Blake
Foster Bourne
Frank Bozenhard
William Budington
John Burnham
Gordon Butler
Stanley Cameron
Lincoln Colpitts
Milton Cook
Barbara Mullett
Norman Ekland
Ernest Fox
Albert Facy
Roderick Fletcher
Thomas Flynn
Donald Footill
Harold Gallivan
Frank Gorman
Howard Gourley
Walter Hammond
Paul Hammerick
Kenneth Hill
Joseph Hogan
James Kelley
Herbert Kilbridge
Merwin Kinkade
Raymond King
Raymond King, 2nd.
James Knight
Eric Lackstrom
Robert Lambert
Alfred LaPointe
Douglas Larson
Thelma Wright
William Lennon
Beven Long
Frank Mancuso
Ralph Marcille
Paul Martin
Donald McCarthy
Robert Meyer
Robert Montebello
Philip Meyers
James Nesworthy
Carl Officer
Everett Patterson
Lewis Peterson
Jesse Richardson
Charles Roberts
Lawrence Roberts
Ralph Schongold
Francis Shlossir
Edwin Stoddard
George Stone
Harold Taylor
Joseph Wesson
Robert Wilkins
Arthur Willard
Albert Wood
Harold Valler
Gertrude Brady
Ruth Calverly
Hilma Clark
Diana Fitzgerald
Mary Isham
Catherine LaPointe
Gail McGowan
Claire Mar
Meriam McCleary
Dorothy Meers
Helen Sears

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