Tech Tiger — Class of 1929 ½
Technical High School, Springfield MA

Charles F. Warner Achievement Medal Class of 1930

Carroll Gates McQueen

Carroll Gates McQueen

Carroll McQueen is this semester's choice fot the highest honor given at Tech. Carroll's school life was characterized by his fine leadership. He was a leader in every activity in which he took part. As president of his class, Carroll showed his ability to direct and yet keep the respect of his classmates. He was an affiliated board member of the Torch Club and president of the Tech Hi-Y Club. During his three years at Tech Carroll was a member of the Student Council. Here, as everywhere, his influence was felt in that he was responsible for more than one new measure presented to the council. A leader today, what possibilities tomorrow?

Ruth Lydia Lindquist

Ruth Lindquist exemplifies a true Chares F. Warner Achievement Award winner. An athlete, a participant in school and class activities, and a student of merit; what more could be desires? In sports Ruth was a member of the girls' gym and hockey team. For two years she was a representative to the Student Council. The positions of associate editor of Tech News and secretary of the class of 1930 were among here many achievements. She was president of Athenaeum, the G.A.A., and Le Salon. Ruth ended her splendid record at Tech by winning a three year honor medal.

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