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Technical High School, Springfield MA

High Honors at Tech

The Charles F. Warner Achievement Medal, which is awarded semi-annually with the purpose of perpetuating Mr. Warner's great interest in young people, is the highest honor that Tech can give. Each semester a committee consisting of two alumni, four faculty members, two representatives each from the 12A and 12B classes, and the president of the 11A class choose from the graduating seniors the boy and girl who, in their estimation, have been outstanding in scholarship, character and leadership. Unlike most honors, this is a recognition not only of scholarship, but of service to the school. Frequently, this coveted honor is most difficult to award. Certainly, it is a splendid living memorial to Charles F. Warner, the beloved founder of this school.

The Three-Year Honors, an old tradition at Tech, are given to these students who have done excellent work in all of their subjects during their high school course. To achieve this honor, however, the student must be not only of high scholastic standing, but also an example of the Tech spirit as it is embodied in good school citizenship. These honors are based on the office records together with the vote of the faculty on the merit of the individual.

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