Tech Tiger

Technical High School, Springfield MA

Faculty of Tech High School, Springfield MA

Faculty Directory

Abbott, William N. Woodwork 87 Harvard Street
Adams, Burton A. Director of Shops 41 Irvington Street
Ahern, John F. Music 29 Warren Terrace
Aiken, J. Hawley Physics 121 Garfield Street
Allen, Miriam E. Mathematics 19 Pleasant Street, Westfield
Balcom, A. Caro Foods 90 Westminster Street
Bell, L. Elizabeth English 30 Avon Place
Best, Edith J. Chemistry 286 Union Street
Best, Perry M. Mathematics Monson
Bolster, Lilian A. French 162 Bowles Street
Bourn, Jessie M. History 157 Bowles Street
Brown, Harold P. Mechanical Drawing 27 Norway Street, Longmeadow
Carrell, Theodora M. English Russell
Clune, Mary C., Head of History Department 396 Union Street
Cockayne, Charles A. Head of English Department 31 Thompson Street
Cook, S. Everett Head of Mathematics Department 83 Sumner Ave.
Danforth, Dorothy Mathematics 16 Monmouth Street.
Davis, Alexander D. Mechanical Drawing 186 Maynard Street
Fitzroy, Roland V. Woodwork 67 Noel Street
Francis, Dwight C English 715 Parker Street
Goodrich, Edward H. Head of Science Department 34 Westminster Street
Greenaway, David E. History 75 Mapledell Street
Greenwood, Mary A. History 190 Locust Street
Hesselton, Earle J. Mechanical Drawing 770 Dickinson Street
Hill, Nellie Brooks Mathematics 92 School Street
Hitchcock, Buel A. Mechanical Drawing 16 Dexter Street
Holton, Edward E. Machine Shop 11 Florida Street
Howes, Florence F. Mathematics 66 Auburn Street
Hutchinson, Fred W. Physics 38 South Main Street, East Longmeadow
Jackson, Mary S. English 286 Union Street
Jones, Cyrus W. Englsih 507 Dickinson Street
Jordan, Lena E. Design 19 Westford Ave.
Kibbe, L. Reginald Design 215 Dwight Street
Kiley, M. Marcus Chemistry 76 Maple Street
Kingston, Mary W. French, English 21 Florence Street
Lincoln, Alfred R. Chemistry 76 Maple Street
Lutes, Mabel M. Head of Home Economics Department 90 Westminster Street
Mackenzie, Raymond E. Mechanical Drawing 28 Highland St., Longmeadow
Marsh, Paul R. Mathematics 369 Tremont Street
Maynard, M. Edmund Science 15 Crittendon Street
McKoan, Gertrude M. Physical Director (Girls) 146 Bay Street
Mitchell, Howard Head of Modern Language Department 68 Fort Pleasant Avenue
Monceret, Marcekine M. French 158 Bowles Street
Morgan Henry A. Mathematics 18 South Park Place, Longmeadow
Newhall, Flaes E. German 11 East Alvord Avenue
Puffer, Alice A. French 141 Maple Street
Reed, Howard F. Forging 33 Wood Avenue, East Longmeadow
Richardson, Lewis O. Woodwork 103 Norfolk Street
Richmond, Madge E. Mathematics 90 Westminster Street
Rideout, Helen P. Clothing 161 High Street
Smith, Albert F. English and Drama 66 Dexter Street
Smith, Helen E. English Chester Road, Huntington
Smith, Lydia Design 25 Eliot Street
Spence, Robert J. Machine Shop 69 Foster Street
Stone, Carl R. History 18 Bristol Street
Stout, Ralph A. Assistant Physical Director 41 School Street
Swenson, Sadie J. Clothing 86 School Street
Thorndike, Chester Head of Mechanical Drawing Department 75 Oak Grove Avenue
Van Sickle, Schuyler C. History 16 Buckingham Street
Walmer, Irving G. Physical Director (Boys) 17 Norfolk Street
Weaver, Mary A. English 286 Union Street
Wilson Eugenia Foods 30 Avon Place
Wood, Walterm G. Machine Shop 28 Sycamore Street
Young, Leta English 27 Federal Street

Office Force

Boynton, Frances G. Principal's Assistant 90 Westminster Street
Bradley, Rena Clerk 17 Spruce Street
Moakler, Florence C. Clerk 46 Cherry Street
Hart, Mary E. Secretary 158 Bowles Street
McManus, Winifred A. Nurse 33 Littleton Street

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