Springfield High School, 1904

Hockey Team, 1904


The game of hockey had its most successful season at the high school during the past winter, more games were played than the previous year and the men seemed to enjoy the work, but the support, especially from the female side of the school, was not all that was desired.

Little change was made in the make-up of the team throughout the season, thus promoting a passing game and a good defense. The season opened at Northampton with a victory for Springfield, In all, six games were played, the most important being two with the Training School and two with Hartford High. He two games with Hartford were the most important and most desired of all. When the first game ended with a defeat for Springfield there entered into the second game a new spirit which won a victory for our fellow. This closed the season.

Next winter more men should turn out for this branch of athletics. It is the most healthful winter game there is, and Springfield should lead in hockey as in everything else.

The make-up of the team was: Rover, Augur (captain); point, Rockwell; cover-point, Loomis; center, Pierce; goal, C. Tifft; wings, Walters and Neal.

Reed and Fay most unselfishly supported the team as substitutes throughout the season, and deserve great credit for their loyalty.

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