Springfield High School, 1904

The Faculty

William Orr, Jr., Principal
30 Firglade Ave.
Head of Science Department, 1888-1900

Carlos B. Ellis,
368 St. James Ave.
Vice-Principal and Head of Business Department. Elected in 1898. Teaches Bookkeeping, Business Practice and Economics.

Elizabeth K. Price,
133 Florida
Assistant Principal and Head of Department of Mathematics. Teaches Algebra, Plane, Solid and Analytic Geometry, and Trigonometry. Elected in 1888.

Walter V. McDuffee,
37 Spring
Head of Classical Department since 1896. Teaches Latin and Greek.

Albert B. Kimball,
35 Clarendon
Head of Science Department. Teaches Elementary and Advanced Physics, Chemistry, Physiography and Astronomy. Elected in 1900.

S. Antoinette Bigelow,
248 Union
Head of English Department. Teacher of Rhetoric and Literature. Elected in 1901.

Mary A. Averill,
25 Thompson
Head of History Department. Elected in 1890.

Louis W. Arnold,
Pleasant Street.
Head of Modern Language Department. Teacher of French and German. Elected in 1903.

Alice M. Wing.
46 School
Teacher of Latin. Elected in 1889.

Emilie De Rochemont.
319 State St.
Teacher of Latin and Greek. Elected in 1895.

Grace R. Lillibridge.
779 Main
Teacher of Latin and French. Elected in 1898.

Florence M. Whiting.
125 Harvard
Teacher of Latin and English. Elected in 1902.

Charles C. McGregory.
322 Union
Teacher of Mechanical Drawing and Geometry. Elected in 1892.

Ellen A. Winslow.
59 McKnight
Teacher of Algebra and Geometry. Elected in 1896.

Jennie M. Joslin.
148 Central
Teacher of Mathematics. Elected in 1897.

Marion C. Murphy.
100 Byers
Teacher of Algebra and Geometry. Elected in 1903.

Walter G. Whitman.
77 Clarendon
Teachers of Physics and Chemistry. Elected in 1903.

Bertha L. Ballantyne.
148 Central
Teacher of Biology and English. Elected in 1900.

Frank E. Watson.
832 Main
Teacher of Biology. Elected in 1900.

Winifred M. Crook.
11 Forest Park Ave.
Teacher of English Grammar and composition. Elected in 1890.

Mrs. Elizabeth H. Haight.
52 Pearl
Teacher of English. Elected in 1898.

Lucy D. Heald.
148 Central
Teacher of English. Elected in 1898.

Mary H. Perkins.
37 Spring
Teacher of English. Elected in 1903.

Marion B. Remington.
54 Hebron
Teacher of History. Elected in 1899.

Fannie Perley.
319 State
Teacher of French. Elected in 1900.

Mrs. Ida A. Burleigh.
184 Bowdoin
Teacher of German. Elected in 1900.

Claribel Moulton.
59 Sherman
Teacher of French. Elected in 1902.

Emma E. Thrasher.
56 Bay
Teacher of Stenography and Typewriting. Elected in 1898.

Mrs. Louis M. Bullman.
9 Beverly
Assistant Teacher of Stenography and Typewriting. Elected in 1899.

Chester M. Grover.
19 Maple
Teacher of Civics, Economics, and Commercial Branches. Elected 1900.

Ethel M. de Long.
146 Bay
Teacher of English, History, Civics and Arithmetic. Elected in 1901.

Mabel E. Stock.
14 Westford Ave.
Teacher of Freehand Drawing. Elected in 1901.

Mary L. Regal.
91 Elm, West Springfield
Teacher of Harmony and Musical Interpretation. Elected in 1896.

David W. Pollard.
333 Eastern Ave.
Instructor in Physical Training, Director of Athletics. Elected in 1902.

J. Florence Ditmars.
51 Sherman
Teacher of Latin. Elected in 1903.

Edith A. Howland.
27 Pleasant
Teacher of Mathematics. Elected in 1903.

Florence Lillie.
34 Cornell
Substitute Teacher of English and History.

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