Springfield High School, 1904

Basketball, 1904


Ever since the year 1902, when the High School Basketball team was such a success both financially and to the glory of the school, we have grown to look for a good basketball team. The school has since then lived up to expectations in a large measure, and this year's team was no exception. Although the record of the year is by no means free from defeats, still in most cases the team was defeated only after a hard struggle.

Captain Manning deserves great credit for his generalship and earnest endeavor to lead his team to victory. Blodgett, '04, the manager, also deserves credit for his share in the work. We wish Captain Crowther every success possible in his efforts next year.

The make-up of the team was: Left forward, Cunliffe, Littlefield; right forward, Manning (capt.); center, Crowthan; left guard, Messer, Hunn; right guard, Vanhorn, Hunn; Manager, Blodgett.

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