Springfield High School, 1904

Class of 1905


George E. Stock, President
Miss Ann L. Seymour, Vice-President
Sidney H. Lincoln, Secretary
Lewis E. Tifft, Treasurer
Harold A. Wheat, Member-at-Large

Junior Boys

Adams, Emory Ely, 77 Adams
Augur, Henry Raymond, 56 Allendale
Baker, Donald Melville, 192 Maple
Battey, Earle Jacob, 18 Massasoit
Bengle, Victor, 82 Hampden, Indian Orchard
Besse, Arthur Lyman, 29 Ingersoll Grove
Bettes, Richard Stockwell, 127 Thompson
Bidwell, Henry Addison, 54 Madiosn Ave.
Broadhurst, Wendell Gordon, 50 Marengo Ave.
Buxton, Arthur Leet, 108 Dartmouth
Coe, Albert Morris, 27 Massasoit
Craig, Harold Joseph, 90 Bowles
Crane, Robert Samuel, 25 Mattoon
Edgerton, Henry Chamberlin, 138 Cedar
Fay, Clarence F., Longmeadow
Fletcher, Orin Howard, 222 Dickinson
Geer, Myron Francis, 32 Moore Ave., Brighwood
Gerrard, Henry Clifford, East Longmeadow
Gould, Frank Lathrop, 38 Sumner Ave.
Harris, William Allen, 1104 Worthington
Hayes, Charles Leopold, Bay Path
Holmes Harold Clifford, 47 Leyfred Terrace
Howard, William Noble, 73 Euclid Ave.
Irwin, Vincent Joseph, 192 Walnut
Johnson, Sidney M., 117 1-2 East Bridge
Lange, Frank John, 105 Bridge
Lawrence, Paul Root, 36 Mattoon
Leary, Arthur Lee, 254 Central
Lincoln, Sidney Henry, 92 Maple
Lombard, Henry Frederic, 38 Osgood
Maroney, Charles Bernard, 29 Winthrop
Marsh, Arthur Eastman, 145 Spring
Mitchell, Arthur Knox, 1078 Worthington
Nash, Fred William, 35 Vassar
Noble, Harold Gordon, 108 Buckingham
Perry, Edward Clarke, 84 Marble
Pezzini, Victor, 41 East Court
Richardson,, Ray Vincent, 91 Buskingham
Robbins, Laurence Ballard, 33 Mulberry
Robertson, Andrew Raymond, 441 Union
Rockwell, Stanley Pickett, Enfield Conn.
Sackett, Fred Herbert, Jr., 831 Worthington
Sellew, Paul Kibbe, East Longmeadow
Shean, Walter Edward, 56 State
Steere, Charles Childs, 41 John
Stevens, Sidney Wallstein, 544 Union
Stock, George Edward, 576 State
Taylor, Louis Chester, 64 Monmouth
Tifft, Lewis Eliphalet, 176 Florida
Tiraspolsky, Leo, 136 Hancock
Torrey, Ernes H., 274 Main
Tower, Ralph Ashley, 63 Spring
Walters, Albert Leslie, 198 St. James Ave.
Wheat, Harold Abercrombie, 65 Dartmouth
Wheeler, William Samuel, 38 Sheldon
Whitaker, Lewis Edwin, 14 Parkwood
Williams, James Frank, 44 Dresden
Wright, William Henry, 115 Wilbraham Road

Junior Girls

Bailye, Margaret Stuart, 22 Clinton
Baldwin, Lulu May, 25 Spruce
Bartlett, Ida Louise, 78 Florence
Bassett, Bertha Louisa, 59 Waverly
Bell, Edna Evelyn, Wason Ave.
Berridge, Harriet Ada, 142 Ridge
Blaisdell, Myrtice Eleanor, 115 Revere
Blodgett, Evelyn May, 10 Ingraham Ave.
Bodurtha, Edith Catherine, 507 Oak, Indian Or.
Bogan, Mamie Elizabeth, 36 Broad
Briggs, Annie Merrick, 79 Firglade Ave.
Brown, Mattie E., 17 Norwood
Bryan, Ruth Whiting, 30 Maple
Buckley, Rose Lena, 956 Worthington
Burbank, Laura Colton, Longmeadow
Burke, Mary Anastasia, 51 Vinton
Buxton, Ruth Melissa, 65 Harvard
Campbell, Lilian May, 20 Abbe Ave.
Carlson, Hilma Cecelia, 18 Hayden Ave.
Chandler, Esther Knowlton, 70 Patton
Clark, Emily Ambler, 32 Grosvenor
Clark, Rachel Althine, 115 William
Clark, Ruth Eleanor, East Longmeadow
Collins, Louise, Crescent Hill
Collins, Maude Leona, 483 White
Colton, Annie T., 20 Manhattan
Cooper, Carrie B., 10 Fairbanks Ave.
Corwin, Isa Mae, 195 Oak, Indian Orchard
Dargin, Florence Elizabeth, 48 Acushnet Ave.
Denman, Helen C., Cooley House
De Long, Helen Bray, 146 Bay
De Wolf, Maria Sarah, 34 Douglas
Doyle, Julia Mathilda, 21 Arbor
Endicott, Geraldine Bell, East Longmeadow
Ferris, Abbie Frances, 340 Oak, Indian orchard
Fitz Gibbon, Grace Claire, 44 Brookline Ave.
Folsom, Frances Edith, 38 Berkeley
Ford, Jennie Etta, 127 North Main
Frye, Carrue Amelia, 24 Grove
Gould, Edith Fidelia, 24 Hawthorne Place
Hannum, Alice Louise, Ludlow
Harrington, Mabel Ellen, 268 Pine
Harris, Amy Whittier, 149 Berkshire, I. O.
Harvey, Ellen Louise, 31 Florisa
Harvey, Estella Lula, 56 Spruce
Haskins, Helen Winifred, 348 Hancock
Haszard, Olive Gray, 131 Florida
Hatch, Nina, 241 Maple
Healey, Mary Edith, 51 Acushnet Ave.
Hendrick, Maud may, 87 Central
Howland, Alice Frances, 18 Forest Park Ave.
Johnson, Lucy Palmer, 37 Marble
Kean, Caroline, 30 Allendale
Kenyon, Ruth Marian, 298 Central
Kirwan, Corinne May, 254 Carew
Knight, Evelyn Theodora, 65 Montrose
Le Noir, Marion Fenner, 60 Union
Lewis, Sarah Annie, 29 Mattoon
Long, Pearl Mary, 164 North
Ludden, Alice Genvieve, 143 North
MacDonald, Edna Rose, 117 Westminster
Meeker, Ada May, 50 Hampden, Indian Orchard
Moore, Ruth Idella, 49 Wilbraham Ave.
More, Florence Emma, 49 Edwards
Morse, Amy Norman, 8 Cornell Place
Murray, Anna Cecilia, 29 Fremont
Nelmes, Liliam M., 18 Ripley Ave.
Peterson, Ida Amanda, 125 Essex, Indian Orchard
Pettingill, Marion Romer, 77 Fairfield
Piper, Amy Florence, 31 Hall
Piper, Leola Gridley, 31 Hall
Powers, Helen May, 518 Chestnut
Putnam, Marian, 57 Lebanon
Reed, Edith, 44 Church
Reilly, Mae Gertrude, 20 Sargeant
Robinson, Margaret Wilcox, 78 Spring
Rogers, Elsie Irene, 47 Grant
Samble, Carolyn, 8 Logan
Samble, Mary, 8 Logan
Schreiber, Lilian Dorothy, 213 North Main
Seymour, Anne Isabel, 23 Jackson
Shaw, Marion Anna, St. James Ave.
Smith, Gertrude Anna, 178 Thompson
Smith, Josphione Emily, 40 Parkwood
Sullivan, Agnes Winifred, 73 Tyler
Sullivan, Nellie May, 88 Tenth
Tait, Georgia Belle, 666 Chestnut
Treworgy, Evelyn Foster, 110 Plainfield
Ward, Lilian Frances, 181 Quincy
Waterbury, Gladys Mabelle, 54 Fairfield
Wilder, Ruth Eliza, 45 Dartmouth Terrace
Wilson, Mabel Sophia, 390 St. James Ave.
Woods, Ethel, East Longmeadow

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