Orpheus Lyre Image

Table of Contents

Text of the Club Numbers
In Memoriam
Officers and Board of Directors
List of Members
Assisting Artists
Complete Membership Roster


John J. Bishop, Fifth Conductor
The Orpheus Club of Springfield
Carolina Lazzari, Contralto
Boston Symphony Ensemble
Officers & Board of Directors
George R. Bond, Treasurer
Where the Orpheus Gave Most of It's Concerts
Amos Whiting, Founder of the Orpheus Club
First Picture of the Orpheus Club, 1876
Albert Holt, First President
Louis Coenen, First Conductor
Henry F. Trask, Second President
George W. Sumner, Second Conductor
William C. Taylor, Third President
E. Cutter, Jr., Third Conductor
Henry G. Chapin, Fourth President
Horatio W. Parker, Fourth Conductor
John F. Ahern, Fifth President
John J. Kennedy, Sixth President
Hon Frederick Gillett

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