The 1916 Oriole

The French Club

The French Club


William J. Crawford
Ethel M. Parsons
Recording Secretary
James D. Booth
Corresponding Secretary
Esther M. Johnson
Amico J. Barone
Martha Johnson
Executive Committee
Clyde T. Congdon
Ruth L. Hartenstein
Faculty Advisors
Alice A. Puffer


Mary F. Aldrich
Anna L. Boutelle
Eva L. Carlson
Miriam C. Chapin
Irene C. Combs
Harold O. Congdon
Theresa C. Haley
Ruth M. Hart
Hazel M. Hixon
George C. Hodges
Wendell P. Hodges
Howard Hubbard
Marguerite Lamy
Hervey F. Law
Miriam F. Leck
Ruth M. Mason
Rhoda C. May
Pauline Maynard
Olive E. Morey
Helen E. Porter
Gertrude L. Pratt
Israel L. Raichelson
Forrest G. Read
Doris Rowland
Joseph Scanlon
Howard Trombley

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