The 1916 Oriole

La Tertulia Espanola

La Tertulia Espanola


Amico J. Barone
Byron Partridge
Jennie H. Hilditch
Esther M. Johnson
Faculty Advisor
Herbert F. Hartwell
Assistant Advisors
Mary Lewis
Elizabeth E. Gammons


Gertrude M. Baranski
Dorothy Barker
Madeline Bennitt
Anna Boutelle
Frances Burt
Edmund Burke
F. Wand Cole
William Chamberlain
Isabel Frazier
Paul Grant
Theresa Haley
Edward Harwood
Lawrence Jacques
Carrie Jacobs
Martha Johnson
Harry King
Charles Lee
Nellie Leete
Donald MacDonald
Edwin Moody
Edward O'Connor
Harold Porter
Clara Webster
Teresa Whitney
Anna Wilcox

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