High School of Commerce, Class of June, 1935

Farris Moselle Eaton Farris Moselle Eaton
878 Belmont Avenue
Soccer; Areopagitica; Home Room Secretary; Assemblies
Raymond Edward Egan Raymond Edward Egan
124 Waite Street
Ann Elizabeth Eliason Ann Elizabeth Eliason
122 College Street
News Editor of Bulletin; Wekansel; Treasurer; Student Council Aid; Freshman Reception; Special Office Work for Teachers
Mary Virginia Elkas Mary Virginia Elkas
195 College Street
Wekasel; Lunch Room Squad; Freshman Reception
Mary Agnes Fazio Mary Agnes Fazio
69 Manhattan Street
Elmore John Felton Elmore John Felton
658 Dickinson Street
Class Vice-President; Home Room President; G. O. Home Room Agent; Boys' Patrol

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