High School of Commerce, Class of 1935 — January & June

June 1935 Class Officers


Demetrius Costas Pilalas
107 Buckingham Street
President, Senior Year; Vice-President, Junior Year; Vice-President, Treasurer, Stoaphilos; President, Vice-President, Hi-Y; Secretary, Treasurer, Affiliated Hi-Y; Joseph and His Brothers, Cast; Julius Caesar, Cast; Damn and Pythias, Cast; High Heart, Cast; On Account of the Lobster, Cast; Freshman Reception; Class Basketball; Chairman, Judicial Board; Boys' Patrol; Stoaphilos Shield Debate; Second Prize, John S. Young Speaking Contest; Tennis Tournament; Torch
Boston University--Journalism


Vincent Anthony Sales
44 Orleans Street
Business Manager, Commerce; Class President, Junior Year; Class Vice-President, Senior Year; Chairman, Class Day; Christmas Assembly; Soccer; President, Stoaphilos; Vice-President, Torch; Hi-Y; High Heart, Cast; Joseph and His Brothers, Cast; Damn and Pythias, Cast; Grandma Pulls the Strings, Cast; Secretary, Judicial Board; Class Basketball; Boys' Patrol; Stoaphilos Shield Debate; Student Council Member; President, Secretary, Student Council; President of Western Massachusetts A. B. S. C.; Decathlon
Certified Public Accountant


Florence Emily Desilets
38 Orange Street
Class Secretary; Social Committees; Aloha, Secretary; Student Council Member; Home Room Vice-President; Assemblies


William George Kimball
17 Noble Street
Class Treasurer; Torch, Secretary-Treasurer; Hi-Y, Secretary-Treasurer, Stoaphilos, Vice-President; Hi-Y Pageants, Cast; Boys' Patrol
Certified Public Accountant


Arthur Everett Hamm
"A Ham"
980 Longmeadow Street, Longmeadow
Associate Editor, Caduceus; Advertising Manager, Commerce; Member-at-Large; Inter-School Dance Committee; Executive Board; Commerce Players; Student Council Member; Home Room President; Home Room Vice-President; Assemblies; Freshman Reception; Boys' Patrol; Hi-Y; Torch

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