High School of Commerce, Class of January, 1935

Ida Slove Ida Slove
47 Bradford Street
Reporter, Commerce; Orchestra
Orchestra Leader
Florence Lucy Smith Florence Lucy Smith
31 Manchester Terrace
G. A. A.
Private Secretary
Dorothy Isabel Snow Dorothy Isabel Snow
103 Alden Street
Aloha; Class Treasurer; Freshman Reception
Medical Missionary
Samuel Snyder Samuel Snyder
6 Allendale Street
Iolanthe, Cast; Pirate's Daughter, Cast; Trial by Jury, Cast; Student Council Aid; Class Basketball; Boys' Patrol
Professional Athlete
Mildred Virginia Sosin Mildred Virginia Sosin
14 Morgan Street
G.O. Home Room Agent
Anita Elinor Tootill Anita Elinor Tootill
16 Malden Street
Basketball; Volleyball; Secretary, Treasurer, Commerce Players; Also Ran, Cast; Assemblies

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