High School of Commerce, Class of January, 1935

Winthrop Kendrick Lombard Winthrop Kendrick Lombard
198 White Street
Class Basketball
Certified Public Accountant
Lena Victoria Lopardo Lena Victoria Lopardo
30 Broad Street
Civil Service
Catherine Helen Lukmin Catherine Helen Lukmin
3025 Main Street
President, Wekansel
Helen Gertrude Maloney Helen Gertrude Maloney
3217 Main Street
Commerce Staff, Copy Editor; Class Social Committees; Class Prophecy; Programs for Banquet; Nisimaha, Secretary; Student Council Aid; Home Room President; Freshman Reception; Special Office Work for Teachers.
Private Secretary
Morris Mandell Morris Mandell
18 Allendale Street
Feature Editor, Caduceus; Commerce Reporter; Banquet Committee; Class Prophecy; Executive Board; Trial by Jury, Cast; President, Le Foyer; Usher, Class Night; Glee Club; Student Council Member; Student Council Aid; Home Room Vice-President; Assemblies; Lunch Room Squad; Freshman Reception.
Radio Announcer
Rita Alice Manning Rita Alice Manning
14 Clifton Avenue
Freshman Reception; Usher, Class Night; Baseball; Kumtux; Nisimaha; Nisimaha Assembly; Trial by Jury, Cast; Student Council Member; Student Council Aid; Home Room Secretary; Assemblies

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