High School of Commerce, Class of 1935 — January & June

January 1935 Class Officers


Robert Edwin Wooster
118 Cambridge Street
Feature Editor, Commerce; Class President; Class Vice-President; Class Member-at-Large; Freshman Reception; Socials; Tennis; Vice-President, Stoaphilos; Vice-President, Hi-Y; The Neighbors, Cast; Joseph and His Brothers, Stage Hand; Student Council Aid; Assemblies; Judicial Board; Class Basketball; G. O. Home Room Agent


Janet Elizabeth Pennington
34 Gordon Street
Class Vice-President; Chairman, Class Day; Kumtux; Kumtux Showboat, Cast; Girls' Glee CLub; Student Council Aid; Home Room Vice-President; Assemblies; Freshman Reception; Judicial Board; G. O. Home Room Agent


Dorothy Ruth Nelson
212 Osborne Terrace
Circulation Manager, Business Manager, Commerce; Class Secretary; Freshman Reception, Usher; Class Night, Usher; Prom., Usher; Tickets, Class Day; Invitations and Hospitality, Banquet; Invitations, Prom.; Trial by Jury, Cast; Girls' Glee Club; Student Council Member; Student Council Aid; Home Room Secretary; G. O. Governing Board; Special Office Work for Teachers
Private Secretary


Laura Clementine Bianchi
8 Hillside Place
Class Treasurer; Social, Programs and Decoration Committees; Prom. Committee Chairman; Hockey; Secretary, Llamarada; Trial by Jury, Cast; Home ROom President; G. O. GOverning Board; Freshman Reception


Pearl Sylvia Bernson
101 Draper Street
Class Member-at-Large; Cap and Gown COmmittee; Class Socials; Freshman Reception; Junior and Senior Girls' Glee Clubs; Student COuncil Aid; Assemblies; G. O. Home Room Agent
Bookkeeper and Stenographer

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