High School of Commerce, Class of 1935 — January & June

Stanley O. Smith,

Stanley O. Smith, B.C.S, Ed.M.
194 Middlesex Street

Executive Officers

Allen, Genieve M., A.B. English 324 Union Street
Bartlett, Mrs. Rena O., A.B. History 45 McKnight Street
Bell, O. Jean, B.S. Clothing 410 Union Street
Bigelow, Grace, Ph.B. French, English 153 Bowles Street
Blakeman, Frances C., A.B. English 165 Princeton Street
Briggs, Dora M., B.S. History, Civics 212 Bay Street
Brooks, William O., A.B., Ed.M. Chem, Physics, Home Sc. 236 Middlesex Street
Bulkeley, Grace L. Foods, Home Management 40 High Street
Campbell, Charles A. Stenographic Dept., Head 123 Thompson Street
Casey, Catherine M., B.B.S. Assistant, Typewriting 90 High Street
Chatto, Clarence I., A.B., A.M. English Dept., Head 188 Massachusetts Avenue
Clancey, James L., A.B. Bookkeeping, Law 60 Abbott Street
Clark, Natalie, A.B. Stenography, Typewriting 133 Catherine Street
Colby, Augusta, A.B. English 90 Westminster Street
Corey, Barbara B. Asst. Physical Educ. (Girls) 83 Federal Street
Danforth, Anna S. Stenography, Typewriting 80 Buckingham Street
Davis, Eleanor R., A.B. Office Rout., Appliances 774 State Street
Davis, Mrs. Marion H., B.S., Ed.M. Stenography 117 Bowles Street
Dearborn, Bernice W., A.B., A.M. English 107 Cedar Street
Dobbs, Mildred C., B.A., A.M. Foods 19 Monmouth Street
Dowd, Susan C., B.S., Ed.M. Bookkeeping, Office Rout. 219 Walnut Street
Duffin, Orley K., B.S. Woodwork, Mech. Drawing 22 Bryant Street
Fisher, Bessie L. Physical Education (Girls) 64 Federal Street
Flagg, Rebecca S., B.S. Foods 986 Longmeadow St., Long.
Flynn, Helen G., A.B. History, Guidance 116 Westford Avenue
Halligan, Alice L., A.B., A.M. Civics, Economics, Guid. 49 Northampton Avenue
Harris, Catherine B., B.S. Typewriting 88 Byers Street
Hillman, Sarah A., A.B. Off. Rout., Filing, Bkkg. 20 Stebbins Street
Horrigan, Irene M., B.S. History 24 Rupert Street
Hunt, Madeline C., Mus. B. Typewriting, Filing 33 Massachusetts Avenue
Jackson, Belding F., B.S., A.M. English Belchertown, Mass.
Jefferson, Eleanor M. Assistant, Typewriting 47 Virginia Street
Jenks, Mildred B., A.B. English 320 Union Street
Johnson Harriet M., A.B., A.M. English 165 Princeton Street
Jones, Harold W., B.S. Asst. Physical Education (Boys) 232 Fountain Street
Judd, Martha B., A.B., B.S., A.M. Economics Dept., Head 161 High Street
Kelly, Howard C., A.B. Science Dept., Head 80 Rochelle Street
Kendall, Mrs. Ruth J., A.B. History 59 Wexford Street
Lewis, Christine L., A.B. Educational Counsellor R.F.D. 1, Springfield
Libby, Winona F., B.S. Penmanship, Office Rout. 31 Thompson Street
Lynch, Helen M., A.B. History, Guidance 21 Pleasant Street, Westfield
Macalpine, Will W. Accounting 10 Dorchester Street
Madsen, Mrs. Hilda H., A.B. History, Civics 320 Union Street
Marsden, Edith F. Commercial Art 327 Saint James Avenue
Masters, William C. Law, Bookkeeping 199 Massachusetts Avenue
Maurer, Madeline E., A.B., A.M. English 155 Belmont Avenue
McKerley, Stillman E., B.S. Bookkeeping, Accounting 39 Rencelau Street
Melville, G. Donald, A.B., A.M. History, Economics 20 Northumberland Street
Miller, Guy D., A.B., Ed.M., C.P.A. Business Dept., Head 143 Maple Road, Long.
Miller, Hazel K., A.B. History 60 Northampton Avenue
Morrow, Dorothy L., B.S. Bookkeeping, Stenography 407 Union Street
Myers, Elbryn H. B., B.P.E. Physical Education (Boys) 15 Rollins Street
Nelligan, Honora F., A.B. Typewriting 79 Spring Street
Nickerson, Emma G., B.S. English 13 Edwards Street
Norrgard, Helen, B.S. Commercial Art 854 White Street, R. F. D. 2
Oswald, Charles H., B.S. Bookkeeping, Physics 68 Maryland Street
Palmer, Mrs. Margaret O., A.B. English 214 Williams Street, Long.
Parker, Helen E., A.B. Salesmanship 485 White Street
Parmenter, Ralph C., A.B. History 72 Marlborough Street
Peabody, Mabel F., A.B. Stenography 161 High Street
Perkins, William L., A.B., A.M. History 70 Dunmoreland Street
Phelan, Genevieve M., B.S. Asst. Physical Educ. (Girls) 162 Eastern Avenue
Phelps, H. Elizabeth, B.S. History 145 Maple Street
Potter, Warren E. Bookkeeping 40 Byers Street
Rankin, Helen E., A.B. English 408 Union Street
*Reid, David H., B.P.E. Biology 120 Long Hill Street
Roberts, Jennie M., A.B. English 304 Union Street
Savoy, Phyllis, B.S. Assistant, Typewriting 40 Woodside Terrace
Scott, Janet E., A.B. Clothing 145 Maple Street
Shipway, Leslie S., A.B., Ed.M. History, Economics 24 Berlin Street
Sinsabaugh, Etta, A.B., A.M. Librarian, Civics 191 High Street
Smith, Augustus H., A.B. Social Science Dept., Head 86 Westford Avenue
Speer, Charles A., A.B., Ed.M. Sales, Adv., Bkkg. 1082 St. James Avenue
Taylor, Harold E., A.B., A.M. History, Economics 154 Westford Avenue
Tierney, Helene G. Penmanship 30 Firglade Avenue
Tourtellotte, L. Frances, B.S. Foods, Home Management 149 Maple Street
Ullery, Mrs. Elizabeth S., A.B., A.M. English 39 Layfayette Street
Walker, Eleanor M., B.C.S. Typewriting 33 Massachusetts Avenue
Walker, Gilbert C., A.B., A.M. English R.F.D. 1, Springfield
Watkins, William J., B.N. in Ed., Mus. M. Music 51 Forest Park Avenue
White, Bernice, A.B. Clothing 75 School Street
Williams, Russell L., B.B.A., M.B.A. Bookkeeping 73 Whitman Street
Williams, Mrs. Theresa W., A.B. English 56 Forest Street
*Part time
Administrative Officers
Bianchi, Teresina C. Clerk 98 Lincoln Park, Long.
Chesson, Mrs. Marian C., R.N. Nurse 161 Sumner Avenue
Danforth, Alice F., A.B. Office Supervisor, Sec. 80 Buckingham Street
Humberston, Helen M. Clerk 63 Kensington Avenue
Campbell, Mrs. Mary C., B.S. Director, Lunch Dept. 123 Thompson Street
Mansfield, Agnes Asst. Dir., Lunch Dept. 231 Belmont Avenue
Ward, Mrs. Winifred M. Asst. Dir., Lunch Dept. 254 Pearl Street

COmmerce Faculty, 1935

Fifth Row, Left to Right: Natalie Clark, H. Elizabeth Phelps, Mrs. Elizabeth S. Ullery, Madeline E. Maurer, Helen G. FLynn, Honora F. Nelligan, Grace L. Bulkeley, Mrs. Theresa W. Williams, Teresina C. Bianchi, Christine L. Lewis, Dora M. Briggs, Barbara B. Corey, Genevieve M. Phelan.

Fourth Row: Edith F. Marsden, Bessie L. Fisher, Alice L. Halligan, Eleanor P. Davis, Anna S. Danforth, L. Frances Tourtellotte, Mildred Dobbs, Helen M. Lynch, Madeline C. Hunt, Sarah A. Hillman, Eleanor M. Walker, Eleanor M. Jefferson, Catherine M. Casey, Phyllis Savoy, Genieve M. Allen, Mabel F. Peabody, Dorothy L. Morrow, Mrs. Marion H. Davis.

Third Row: Mildred B. Jenks, Winona F. Libby, Irene M. Horrigan, Emma G. Nickerson, Augusta Colby, Frances C. Blakeman, Harriet M. Johnson, Mrs. Hilda H. Madsen, Etta Sinsabaugh,, Grace Bigelow, Jennie M. Roberts, Martha B. Judd, Mrs. Margaret O. Palmer, Catherine B. Harris, Leslie S. Shipway.

Second Row: Helen Norrgard, Mrs. Marion C. Chesson, Dudan C. Dowd, O. Jean Bell, Mrs. Rena P. Bartlett, Hazel K. Miller, Alice F. Danforth, Janet E. Scott, Bernice White, Helen M. Humberston, Helen E. Parker, Helen E. Rankin, Charles A. Campbell, Guy D. Miller, Clarence I. Chatto, Will W. Macalpine, Warren E. Potter, William C. Masters, Harold E. Taylor.

Front Row: G. Donald Melville, James L. Clancey, William J. Watkins, Theodore M. Pease, Elbryn H. B. Myers, Howard C. Kelly, Charles A. Speer, Gilbert C. Walker, Charles H. Oswalk, Stanley O. Smith, Belding F. Jackson, Orley L. Duffin, Russell L. Williams, William O. Brooks, Ralph C. Parmenter, Stillman E. McKerley, William L. Perkins, Harold W. Jones.

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