The members of Christ Church Guild who as a Committee have had the great honor and privilege to collect and to work over the facts used in this history of Christ Church Parish feel that whatever success we may have had in our work has been due in great measure to those in the parish and in the community who have helped by their sympathy and kindly attitude toward the project. They have answered innumerable questions, both verbal and written, delved into bundles of treasured letters, scrap-books, and newspaper clippings. Many photographs have been loaned. Special thanks are due to the Springfield Republican and the City Library staff for their untiring assistance in going over old records.
      We are especially grateful to the Rt. Rev. Charles L. Slattery, D.D., the Rev. Donald N. Alexander and the Rev. John M. McGann for words of encouragement and valuable help; to Colonel Thales L. Ames for permission to consult papers of historic interest at the United States Armory; to Mr. Henry H. Skinner, custodian of Christ Church's priceless collection of letters, records, and old documents; and to Colonel Stanhope E. Blunt for indispensable aid in compiling statistics. We also tender sincere thanks for information received by letters from the Rev. George Burgess, the Rev. John B. Whiteman, the Rev. Alfred E. Johnson, Mrs. Caroline Lee Lewis, Mrs. Lewis Child, the Misses Kate McKnight, Mary Burgess, Bella C. Saxon, Alice Crocker and Josephine Brooks. It is a very difficult matter to decide what items to omit and what to retain in the limited space allotted. It has been our endeavor to choose those which would be of interest to the greatest number


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