Russell — Military: Russell's War Record

Extracted from "History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts, Volume II," by Louis H. Everts, 1879.

      Here will be found the names of those who enlisted from Russell in the war of the Rebellion:

John Williston, 10th Mass.
Gideon Wallace, 10th Mass.
Jerry W. Bishop, 15th Mass.
A. J. Bradley, 15th Mass.
Wm. S. Chapman, 15th Mass.
Ortemas Chapman, 15th Mass.
Calvin Dustin, 15th Mass.
Morgan Cooley, 15th Mass.
Sidney Shurtleff, 15th Mass.
Alfred B. Heath, 15th Mass.
Geo. Lindsey, 27th Mass.
John M. Bennett, 27th Mass.
Geo. H. Bemis, 27th Mass.
Julius Thrall, 27th Mass.
James Parker, 27th Mass.
Charles Willey, 27th Mass.
Asa Brown, 31st Mass.
Nelson Bennett, 31st Mass.
Wm. S. Knox, 31st Mass.
John Crane, 31st Mass.
James P. Chapman, 34th Mass.
James Hogan, 34th Mass.
Augustus Plant, 34th Mass.
Francis Parks, 54th Mass.
Ezra Tobias, 54th Mass.
Sam'l P. Storey, 54th Mass.
Edwin Pendleton, 1st H. Art.
Thos. E. Pendleton, 1st H. Art.
Lyman Holmes, 1st H. Art.
Henry M. Knox, 1st H. Art.
Morgan Stannar, 1st H. Art.
Trueman H. Sweatland, 25th Co., H. Art. (unattached).
William Thomas, 2d Cav.
Thomas Colligan, 11th Mass.
George Carson, 11th Mass.
James Leslie, 58th Mass.
Horace Heath, 46th Mass.
Morgan Stannard, 46th Mass.
Oliver Granger, 46th Mass.
Israel Perkins, 46th Mass.
Hiram E. Williston, 46th Mass.
John C. King, 46th Mass.
Benjamin Haynes, 46th Mass.
Philip H. Hulsapple, 46th Mass.
George Gloss, 46th Mass.
Turns D. Onderdonk, Naval service.
John D. Waldron, Navy.
Wm. H. Schenck, Navy.
Theo. Mitchell, 61st Maas.
Wm. A. Stearns, unknown.

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