Russell — Selectmen

Extracted from "History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts, Volume II," by Louis H. Everts, 1879.

      A list of selectmen and town clerks who served the town from 1804 to 1879 is herewith presented.

1804.—Silas Doolittle, Levi Bishop, Stephen Hughes.
1805.—Stephen Hughes, Isaac Palmer, Silas Noble.
1806.—Thomas Day, Silas Noble, Stephen Hughes.
1807.—Stephen Hughes, Jacob Loomis, Elias Parks.
1808.—Dudley Williams, Abel Tuttle, John Gould.
1809.—Daniel Sherman, Elias Parks, Henry Parks.
1810.—Stephen Hughes, Elias Parks, Daniel Sherman.
1811.—Stephen Hughes, Levi Bishop, Titus Doolittle.
1812.—Elias Parks, Enoch Stiles, James C. Carter.
1813.—Elias Parks, Daniel Sherman, Moses Allin.
1814.—Levi Bishop, John Gould, Jr., Dudley Williams.
1815.—John Gould, James C. Carter, Elias Parks.
1816.—Elias Parks, Dudley Williams, Rolon Parks.
1817.—Stephen Hughes, John Gould, Jere. Bishop.
1818.—Jacob Loomis, Levi Bishop, Rolon Parks.
1819.—Rolon Parks, Henry Parks, Jere. Bishop.
1820-25.—Rolon Parks, John Gould, Abel Tuttle, Jr.
1826.—Rolon Parks, Abel Tuttle, Jr., Reuben Bradley.
1827.—John Gould, Abel Tuttle, Jr., Rolon Parks.
1828-29.—Zachariah Dickinson, Reuben Bradley, George Williams.
1830.—John Gould, Abel Tuttle, Jr., Rolon Parks.
1831-32.—John Gould, Abel Tuttle, Jr., Linus Dickinson.
1833.—Chauncey W. Morse, James Bishop, Benjamin Bennet.
1834.—Chauncey W. Morse, Justin Loomis, Benjamin Bennet.
1835.—John Gould, Abel Tuttle, Jr., Benjamin Bennet.
1836.—Benjamin Bennet, Jere. Bishop, Justin Loomis.
1837.—Chauncey W. Morse, Albert Noble, Jere. Bishop.
1838.—John Gould, Benjamin Bennet, James Bishop.
1839.—Roland Parks, Justin Loomis, Noah Atwater.
1840.—Roland Parks, Benjamin Bennet, Wm. D. Mallory.
1841.—Charles Tinker, James Loomis, Jabez Clark.
1842.—Roland Parks, Daniel Fry, Benjamin Bennet.
1843.—Daniel Fry, John Dickinson, Benjamin Bennet.
1844.—Roland Parks, John Dickinson, Allen Bronson.
1845.—Benjamin Bennet, Bradford W. Palmer, Julius Bedortha.
1846.—Benjamin Bennet, Nelson D. Parks, Lyman Parks.
1847.—Bradford W. Palmer, Newman Bishop, Lyman Bradley.
1848.—Roland Parks, Newman Bishop, Nelson D. Parks.
1849.—Roland Parks, Justin E. Loomis, Wm. W. Crosby.
1850.—Newman Bishop, Jr., Marshall N. Fates, Lucius P. Bishop.
1851.—Nelson D. Parks, Bradford W. Palmer, Henry K. Loomis.
1852.—B. W. Palmer, David Parks, W. L. Dickinson.
1853.—Wm. W. Crosby, Noah Atwater, L. P. Bishop.
1854.—Newman Bishop, Jr., B. W. Palmer, Wm. L. Dickinson.
1855.—Simeon Mallory, Sheldon Brownson, Stanton S. Clark.
1856.—Simeon Mallory, Benjamin Bennet, Joseph Osborn.
1857.—Newman Bishop, A. J. Bradley, Horace Parks.
1858.—Newman Bishop, A. J. Bradley, Stanton S. Clark.
1859.—Roland Parks, Benjamin Bennet, Dexter Parks.
1860.—N. D. Parks, Wm. Holmes, F. H. Bishop.
1861.—Nelson D. Parks, Henry A. Gould, Edwin A. Russell.
1862.—Nelson D. Parks, Allen J. Mallory, Horace Heath.
1863.—Nelson D. Parks, Dexter Parks, Edwin A. Russell.
1864.—Roland Parks, Dexter Parks, Dwight S. Bronson.
1865.—Roland Parks, E. A. Russell, Wm. Pomeroy.
1866-67.—N. D. Parks, Simeon Mallory, Lyman Shurtleff.
1868.—N. D. Parks, Simeon Mallory, A. H. Lewis.
1869.—N. D. Parks, Simeon Mallory, Wm. Holmes.
1870.—Simeon Mallory, Horace Parks, Wm. Holmes.
1871.—H. Parks, Wm. Holmes, Marvin Wright.
1872-3.—Horace Parks, Wm. Holmes, Robert Pitcher.
1874.—Horace Parks, Roland Parks, Wilbur O. Merrill.
1875.—Horace Parks, George T. Bryant, Leonard P. Palmer.
1876.—Horace Parks, F. E. Bushnell, Win. Holmes.
1877.—Horace Parks, F. E. Bushnell, Roland Parks.
1878.—F. E. Bushnell, Dexter Parks, L. B. Palmer.

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