Montgomery — War Record

Extracted from "History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts, Volume II," by Louis H. Everts, 1879.

      Montgomery furnished 25 men for service in the war of the Rebellion, as follow:

Andrew Gorham, 27th Mass.
Erskine Waite, 27th Mass.
George Kelso, 27th Mass.
John A. Gorham, 46th Mass.
Joseph Sheldon, 46th Mass.
Daniel A. Moore, 46th Mass.
Elihu Lloyd, 46th Mass.
Henry Pettis, 46th Mass.
Henry Whitman, 34th Mass.
Charles Whitman, 46th Mass.
Henry Brant, 27th Mass.
Gibson Avery, 46th Mass.
William Howes, 31st Mass.
Alfred Howes, 8th Conn.
Fitzhugh Hoag, 46th Mass.
Timothy Hoag, 37th Mass.
Edward Pettis, 8th Conn.
Almon H. Clark, 31st Mass.
Henry 0. Clark, 34th Mass.
Chas. N. Clark, 37th Mass.
Anson D. Clapp, 8th Conn.
Chas. C. Barnes, 34th Mass.
Asa Barnes, 31st Mass.
James Baker, 27th Mass.
Charles Balton, 27th Mass.

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