The Minutemen and Their World

Monson, Massachusetts


The military history of the town in the early wars will be found set forth in the history of Brimfield. In the war of the Revolution its citizens were earnest and patriotic. When the people of Boston were suffering because of the Port Bill, the town sent a contribution to aid them in their distress, and accompanied the same with a letter, which will be found printed in the Massachusetts Historical Collections, Vol. IV., 4th series. It evinces the most patriotic spirit, and contains this postscript:

"We have eighty fellows in this district, a great part of whom are disciplined and excellent marksmen. I dare to be bold to say that, at about thirty rods distant, they would pick up Tories as fast as so many hawks would pick frogs from a frog-pond."

With the war of 1812 the people of the town had no sympathy, find adopted resolutions against it.

A few residents of the town were engaged in Shays' rebellion, but the majority were loyal to the government.

The town assisted actively in the suppression of the Rebellion of 1861-65, and the following soldiers went from this town:

George W. Billings, Frank E. Caldwell, Lorin H. Clark, George Ellis, George F. Holdridge, Francis C. Park, Charles G. Palmer, Edward F. Putter, Wm. I. Skidmore, Wm. H. Smith, S. Cady Warriner, James L. Weston, 10th Mass.
George F. Bumstead, Dwight E. Butler, Charles C. Carpenter, Chas. F. Clough, Dwight Colburn, Joseph V. Clark, Warren W. Beebe, Josiah B. Davis, George M. Green, Lovell L. Gage, George 0. Henry, Silas N. Ham, Wm. Harris, George W. Johnson, Marcus Keep, Austin W. King, William H. King, Andrew J. Morgan, Romanzo A. Morgan, Willard Nelson, Alvan S. Nichols, Frederick L. Perry, Hiram M. Rider, Hiram. A. Rider, Justus Stebbins, Henry M. Tupper, John B. Truden, Albert Tupper, Myron R. Wood, George E. Wood, Alfred E. Warriner, William Lester, Sandford C. Bond, John C. Maguire, Bela B. Tiffany, Lewis Madhouse, George Lester, Prosper B. Bill, Hiram Bliss, James M. Knowlton, 36th Mass.
Truman C. Bradway, Jacob Burley, Rodney Bradway, Leonard B. Charles, Wm. A. Charles, Helm H. Fales, George A. Fales, John L. Flynt, Osborne Fenton, Henry T. Frost, William B. Fay, Wm. F. Fosket, John A. Frost, John Q. Hoar, Henry H. Hitchcock, James M. Harmon, Lieut. George H. Howe, Francis P. Keefe, Frank H. King, Charles B. Kittredge, Merrick Lamphear, Francis L. Lemon, John Letter, Elijah Monsell, George H. Moody, John C. Maguire, Harlan B. Moody, John Moran, Nicholas Moran, Alfred I. Newton, Ira L. Peck, Oliver H. Perry, Charles H. Robbins, William Smith, James L. Stacy, George E. Stacy, George W. Stacy, George Skinner, George N. Skinner, Harvey G Skinner, Isaac Toohey, George E. Wood, Orrin H. Wilson, Francis N. Wood, Emerson Wood, Henry H. Wood, Allen S. West, George S. Dixon, Henry M. Morehouse, Francis H. Foster, David McIntire, 46th Mass.
Willard Darling, George D. Darling, James W. Gage, Moses G. Gage, Maurice McNaney, George F. Fowler, Morris Donghul, Edmund G. Cary, Fred. erick G. Cary, Charles H. Skidmore, 34th Mass.
Tyler Blanchard, Joseph R. Warriner, Daniel Hovey, Franklin G. Calkins, Herbert H. Calkins, Gurnsey Clough; George Phillips, Michael Donihue, 2d Mass. Art.
Harland B. Moody, George E. Wood, Isaac Toohey, 2d Mass. H. Art.
Harrison Pierce, James Wallace, Alanson Wallace, Solomon Pierce, Warren Pierce, Erastus Newport, 54th Mass.
Henry Root, George Root, Edward Root, Patrick Riley, 21st Mass. George H. Moody, 13th Maas. H. Art.
Wm. 0. Smith, 25th Mass.
Wm. J. Skidmore, 10th Mass.
Alonzo Allen, 15th Mass.
John McCown, Munroe M. Poole, Ezra Ferry, 18th Mass.
Charles H. Underwood, William Day, Alvin A. Gage, 27th Mass.
John Black, Cornelius Sandford, Henry W. Barber, 16th Conn.
James F. Alberty, 5th N. Y. Cav.
Homer A. Smith, surgeon's steward, "Wyandotte," Navy.

Valuable assistance has been rendered in the compilation of this history by Alvin A. Gage, Hiram Newton, Jos. L. Reynolds, Austin Newell, Dr. G. E. Fuller, by the several pastors of the town, and by other citizens.

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