A New England Town: The First Hundred Years

Monson, Massachusetts

Dayspring Lodge, A. F. and A. M.

Dayspring Lodge, A. F. and A. M., was chartered March 11, 1863, with the following charter members: Joseph L. Reynolds, E. C. Robinson, D. D. Moody, Jacob Thompson, Otis Bradford, Joel Tucker, D. B. Hammond, .1. B. Williams, N. F. Rogers, Sherman Converse, H. F. Miller, E. W. Sholes, and E. B. Miles. The present number of members is 65. Meetings are held each month on the Wednesday preceding the full moon. The principal officers of the lodge are, W. M., Alvin A. Gage; S. W., Henry E. Bugbee; J. W., William Whiting; Treas., Cyrus E. Bills; Sec., A. Haskell White. The Past Masters are Joseph L. Reynolds, E. W. Sholes, J. B. Williams, E. F. Morris, E. E. Towne, John Thayer, G. 0. Henry, Alvin A. Gage, and John M. Phipps.

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