Early Health and Medicine

Monson, Massachusetts


In 1768 a Baptist Church was established in the northeastern part of Wilbraham, near the Monson line. It flourished for a number of years, and then experienced a decline. In 1807 the body was reported to the Sturbridge Baptist Association, to which it was attached, as having "lost its visibility." During the existence of this church, about 25 of its members united together and formed the "Second Baptist Church in Wilbraham," receiving fellowship July 2, 1794. In 1815 its name was changed to that of the "Wilbraham and Monson Baptist Church." At first the church had no special house of worship, but in 1817 a meeting-house was built in the western part of Monson. April 26, 1845, the name of the church was changed to "The Monson and Wilbraham Baptist Church."

The first pastor of the church was Rev. Samuel Webster. In 1799, Rev. Stephen Shepherd filled that office. In 1808, Rev. Alvin Bennett, then a licentiate, commenced preaching, and on Jan. 31, 1810, was ordained pastor, and continued in that relation twenty-six years. In April, 1887, Rev. Amos Snell became pastor, and so remained until 1840. The next regular pastor was the Rev. Uriah Underwood, who commenced in the spring of 1845. He was succeeded, in 1847, by Rev. J. M. Hunt, who remained until 1849. In April, 1853, Rev. J. C. Foster commenced his labors, and was ordained pastor September 17th of that year, For some reason, not well understood, the subsequent history of the church in Monson indicates a decline. The society was dissolved, and the church building left standing unoccupied for a time. It was destroyed by fire about 1856. No regular Baptist society at present exists in the town. The movement was continued under the Rev. J. Foster in South Wilbraham, now Hampden.

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