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In 1826 a Methodist chapel was first projected; the year following, it was built. The structure was 25 by 40 feet, and cost about $500. It was dedicated free from debt, though not finished. It was about a mile and a half south of the centre, and is now converted into a dwelling, which occupies the original site.

During the pastorate of Mr. Olds a proposal was made to build a new church. Mr. Olds, Levi C. Bates, Eli Rogers, Dwight King, and Nelson F. Rogers were the building committee, and Walter Smith, Dwight King and Nelson F. Rodgers the committee for the selection of a site. The whole subscription amounted to $1595. On the 8th of October, 1850, the church was dedicated by Dr. Abel Stevens. The cost of church and lot was about $3300.

In 1860, under the pastorate of Mr. Hamilton, steps were taken to enlarge and beautify the church. It was ready for dedication in March, 1861, the improvements having cost $7000.

The following representative persons have gone out from the church during its history: Rev. Horace Moulton, a pioneer itinerant, and a man of great courage and strong faith. He died Sept. 11, 1873, aged seventy-four years, and having been a member of the New England Conference forty-five years.

Rev. Selah Stocking, who joined the New England Conference, and was subsequently transferred to the New York Conference; an influential and useful minister.

Rev. Mosely Dwight, still living, a devoted man, and a zealous advocate of a holy life. He has been a member of the New England Conference for over forty-seven years.

Rev. J. W. Dadmun, who joined the New England Conference in 1842; widely known as a sweet singer. He is the chaplain of the institutions of the city of Boston on Deer Island.

Rev. William A. Braman, who joined the New England Conference in 1844, is an efficient minister in the regular work, and is stationed at the city of Lawrence.

Rev. Francis Ward died at the early age of twenty-five. Rev. Miner Raymond said of him that he had never met another like him, — never one, of greater promise or nobler character.

Wesley Squier, a young man about to graduate from Amherst College with the highest honors of the institution. President Stearns remarked of him: "We believe him to have been an Israelite indeed, in whom there was no guile. To him more than any other agency, it is thought, the revival enjoyed by his class in the Sophomore year was due."

Maria Stanton, sent by the missionary society of the Methodist Episcopal Church as a missionary to Africa. She ended her work in that far-off field only with her life.

George E. Ward, a young man of high promise, died in the war of the Rebellion.

Rev. Jonathan D. Bridge, a man of exceptional power and intelligence, died July 25, 1856.

Rev. Henry Ward, an earnest worker in the vineyard. Rev. King D. Nettleton, now preaching in Central New York.

The present condition of the church is flourishing. It is free from debt, has an efficient board of trustees and stewards, has four large classes, averaging over 40 each, has a prosperous Sunday-school, and the largest attendance on social meetings in the town.

The Conference Minutes in 1878 report for Monson: church property, $12,600; church membership, 165; number of Sunday-school scholars, 216; number of officers and teachers, 25; missionary collections, $162; other benevolent collections, $74. The current expenses of the church are about $1500.

The following are the trustees, stewards, and leaders: Levi C. Bates, Dwight King, Horace Squier, Hiram Bliss, Eli Rogers, Alanson Chaffee, Geo. Topliffe, Harrison C. Day, Solomon Squier, Frank M. King, Edwin Bates, Wilbur J. McIlwain, Wm. Charles, George Thompson; Treasurer of Stewards, Horace Squier; Sunday-school Superintendent, Frank M. King; Local Preachers, Henry G. Rogers, Alvin Burley.

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