Springfield Armory

Monson, Massachusetts

Town Officers — Selectmen

1762.—James Merrick, Samuel King, Joshua Shaw, Francis Sikes, Joseph Colton.
1763.—James Merrick, Joshua Shaw, Joseph Craft.
1764.—Samuel King, James Merrick, Joseph Craft, Joseph Colton, Francis Sikes.
1765.—James Merrick, Samuel King, Joseph Craft.
1766.—James Merrick, Joseph Craft, Joshua Shaw.
1767.—Jabez Keep, Aaron Merrick, Freeborn Moulton.
1768.—Aaron Merrick, Joseph Colton, Freeborn Moulton.
1769.—Aaron Merrick, Joshua Shaw, Jabez Keep.
1770.—Aaron Merrick, Joshua Shaw, Nathaniel Sikes.
1771.—Joshua Shaw, Aaron Merrick, Nathaniel Sikes.
1772.—Joshua Shaw, Aaron Merrick, Nathaniel Sikes, Joseph Colton, Nicholas Graves.
1773.—Joshua Shaw, Nathaniel Sikes, Joseph Craft.
1774.—Noah Salin, Simeon Keep, Joshua Shaw.
1775-77.-Abijah Newell, Benj. Munn, Abel Goodell.
1778.—Abijah Newell, Nathaniel Sikes, Jonathan Chapin.
1779.—Joshua Shaw, Reuben Munn, Joseph Colton.
1780.—Joshua Shaw, Reuben Munn, Joseph Colton.
1781.—Benjamin Munn, Thomas Anderson, Abijah Newell.
1782-83.—Joshua Shaw, Thomas Anderson, Richard Bishop.
1784-87.—Joshua Shaw, David Hyde, Reuben Munn.
1788.—Joshua Shaw, Freeborn Moulton, Joshua Fuller.
1789-90.—Joshua Shaw, David Hydes, Reuben Munn.
1791.—Reuben Munn, David Hyde, Abner Brown.
1792.—Reuben Munn, Thomas Anderson, Abner Brown.
1793.—David Hyde, Abel Goodell, Abner Brown, Freeborn Moulton, Jonathan Chapin.
1794.—David Hyde, Abner Brown, Caleb Keep.
1795-98.—Abner Brown, Abel Goodell, Gad Colton.
1799-1800.—A. Brown, Asa Gates, Israel Bennett.
1801.—Gad Colton, David L. Shields, Asa White.
1802.—Gad Colton, Richard Gardner, Jeremy Munn.
1803-4.—Abner Brown, Gad Colton, Jeremy Munn.
1805.—Abner Brown, Abel Goodell, Jeremy Munn.
1806.—Abner Brown, Abel Goodell, Gad Colton, Jeremy Munn, David L. Shield.
1807.—Abner Brown, Jeremy Munn, Richard Gardner.
1808.—Abner Brown, Jeremy Munn, Richard Gardner, Royal Merrick, Absalom Shaw.
1809.—Jeremy Munn, Richard Gardner, Royal Merrick.
1810.—Abner Brown, Jeremy Munn, Richard Gardner, Royal Merrick, Benjamin Fuller.
1811.—Stephen Warriner, Asa Gates, Ede Whittaker.
1812-14.—Abner Brown, Stephen Warriner, Stephen Newton.
1815.—Abner Brown, Stephen Newton, Abijah Newton.
1816.—Abner Brown, Stephen Newton, Jesse Ives.
1817.—Stephen Warriner, Job Puffer, Abraham Haskell.
1818-19.—Job Puffer, Luther Carter, Simon Colton.
1820.—Luther Carter, Simon Colton, Joel Norcross.
1821.—Luther Carter, Henry G. Cady, Jonathan Torrey.
1822.—Henry G. Cady, Jonathan Torrey, John Hoar.
1823.—Jonathan Torrey, Luther Carter, Elisha Russ.
1824.—Jonathan Torrey, John Hoar, Adin Persons.
1825.—Jonathan Torrey, Luther Carter, Joel Norcross.
1826-27.—Jonathan Torrey, John Hoar, Benjamin Fuller.
1828.—John Hoar, Benjamin Fuller, Timothy Packard.
1829.—Timothy Packard, Onias Hoar, Simeon Keep, Jr.
1830.—Benjamin Fuller, Onias Hoar, Rice Munn.
1831.—Benjamin Fuller, Rice Munn, Abner Bennet.
1832.—Abner Bennet, Abel Calkins, Austin Fuller.
1833.—Abel Calkins, Austin Fuller, Charles P. Fay.
1834.—Abel Calkins, Austin Fuller, Welcome Converse.
1835.—Austin Fuller, Abial Dean, Walter Smith.
1836.—Abial Dean, Walter Smith, Watson Merrick.
1837.—Abial Dean, Walter Smith, Chas. Carpenter, Jr.
1838.—Timothy Packard, David H. Childs, Obed Ward.
1839.—Austin Fuller, Walter Smith, John P. Cady.
1840.—Lucius F. Newton, Coulton Squier, Stephen Toby
1841.—Eldridge Philips, Stephen Tobey, Wm. Puffer.
1842.—Joseph L. Reynolds, Wm. Puffer, Hiram Newton.
1843.—Hiram Newton, Alden Blodgett, Arial Rogers.
1844.—Hiram Newton, Warren Fuller, Chas. Carpenter.
1841.—Hiram Newton, Wm. Puffer, Philip Gage.
1846.—Eldridge Philips, Walter Smith, Warren Fuller.
1847.—Walter Smith, Warren Fuller, Esbon White.
1848.—Austin Fuller, Rice S. Munn, Cyrus Truesdell.
1849.—Hiram Newton, Dwight King, Albert M. Philips.
1850.—Austin Fuller, Rice S. Munn, Rufus M. Pease.
1851.—Walter Smith, Rufus M. Pease, Daniel G. Potter.
1852.—Hiram Newton, Rufus F. Fay, Dwight King.
1853.—Lucius F. Newton, Dwight King, Welcome Converse, Jr.
1854.—Daniel G. Potter, Daniel G. Green, Daniel Fosket.
1855.—Daniel G.- Potter, Marcus F. Beebe, Wm. H. Bradway.
1856.—Daniel G. Potter, Albert Norcross, Gideon Fay.
1857.—Daniel G. Potter, John Newton, Daniel Carpenter.
1858-59.—Austin Fuller, Dwight King, Daniel Fosket.
1860.—Daniel G. Potter, Eleazar R. Walker, Marcus F. Beebe.
1861.—Daniel G. Potter, E. R. Walker, E. W. Sholes.
1862.—Daniel G. Potter, Eleazar R. Walker, Austin Fuller.
1863.—Daniel G. Potter, E. R. Walker, N. F. Rogers.
1864.—Albert Norcross, Hiram Newton, Dwight King.
1865.—Daniel G. Potter, Dwight King, Joseph B. Foster.
1866.—Rice S. Munn, Dwight King, Joseph B. Foster.
1867-68.—Austin Fuller, Dwight King, Calvin S. Pease.
1869.—Daniel G. Potter, C. C. Tobey, Horace Squier.
1870.—Albert Norcross, Joshua Tracy, Austin King.
1871.—Daniel G. Potter, R. S. Munn, C. C. Tobey.
1872-73.—R. S. Munn, 1). G. Potter, Austin King.
1874.—Daniel G. Potter, Alanson N. Chaffee, Alfred Norcross.
1875.—D. G. Potter, Alfred Norcross, Austin King.
1876-78.—Alfred Norcross, R. M. Reynolds, Charles Fowler.

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